▷ Use of nicotine-containing e-cigarettes among schoolchildren increases #18Sep

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The national government bans the use of e-cigarettes. Clinical studies show it can lead to acute collapse and eventual admission to the intensive care unit.

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Medical research shows an increase in the use of nicotine-containing e-cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, among school populations. Use of this product may result in acute respiratory failure, which may result in intensive care admission if the condition becomes more complicated. Their gas is not meant for people to inhale.

Dr. Carlos Cárdenas, an internist and pulmonologist, said those who make the devices, which are banned in Venezuela, find it necessary to add more nicotine (up to 12 milliliters) to treat highly dependent smokers, who currently Their doses are higher. High, up to 38 ml, this growth is combined with the fact that the industry producing the device has increased advertising to bring more to young people and teenagers.

Incredibly, there is an increase in the use of these electronic systems by young people, as both young people and parents and family groups believe that they are harmless, and it turns out that when they are evaluated, “these devices contain irritating substances” “They contain volatile fats from glycerol, but also glycerin, silicene, propylene glycol, which they burn,” explains Cardenas.

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The system is a battery that works with liquid, which refills the cartridge; the higher the milligram count, the easier it is to smoke, and there are 12 ml and 14 ml versions on the market.

It also contains toxic substances, namely metals. When it is heated, it passes through the metal sheet, generates a boiling point, and changes from liquid to gas. What people inhale is the mainstream, and what people exhale is the secondary flow. Both are harmful.

— and it contains carcinogens like nitrosamines and aromatic hydrocarbons, and it smells good, yes, as if the disinfectant you’re using is getting into your respiratory tract, Dr. Cardenas warns.

the presence of nicotine

In addition to creating a trap, nicotine works once it crosses the blood-brain barrier and produces a certain feeling of pleasure through the neurotransmitter dopamine.

– What damage will it cause?

— It causes many damages: it causes skin dryness, conjunctival irritation, changes in tear quality, tear duct irritation, then enters the upper respiratory tract, affects active and passive smokers, increases airway irritation of the nose, pharynx, turbinate hypertrophy, sinusitis, Tooth decay, increased tartar, tartar, etc.

——Is this related to cancer?

The pulmonologist pointed out that if it is a system that is inhaled and enters the respiratory tract, containing toxic, carcinogenic substances, obviously at some point it will be associated with tumor pathology, just like cigarettes.

Any cigarette system, from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes, is cardiotoxic, and “studies have shown that among young people who do not smoke when exposed to varying concentrations of nicotine, the first increases are heart rate and blood pressure.”

—It doesn’t depend on smoking 20 cigarettes; you smoke just one cigarette and count your heart rate and blood pressure, and they will go up because nicotine has a stimulating effect on the heart system, he said.

valuable work

Dr. Carlos Cardenas works at the school level, some of which is carried out at the request of school personnel themselves. Once, he went to the Santísima Trinidad Church, a parish that was concerned about the increase in these electronic systems, and they told him about it.

It has been observed that they are not only in line with electronic nicotine replacement systems, but also go beyond cigarettes and from there into smoking.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has a clear definition of smoking diseases. First, this is an epidemic. In the latest report, it caused an estimated 7.8, 8 million asset deaths and 1.3 million liabilities each year, and it killed more people than traffic accidents, HIV infections, and other drug addictions.

-What effect does it have on a person?

— Traditional smokers, regardless of type of cigarette, begin a gradual decline in respiratory function by the age of 20. Previously, this curve was evident at age 25, as this is the age at which people on average start smoking. However, now we are seeing people using this electronic system as early as ten years old, which means that by the time they are thirty they may have respiratory dysfunction and may develop chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

If the age is advanced or delayed from 25 years old to 10 years old, it means that if they had the disease of 50-60 years old before when they were 25 years old, now they will have the disease when they are 25-30 years old, which is an obvious disease. Diseased production population.

Smoking already includes e-cigarettes, which are not traditional tobacco but a way of inhaling irritating and toxic substances.

Smoking is a chronic, addictive disease; when you quit smoking, you have a period of abstinence, and it’s systemic, meaning it affects not only the lungs, but the entire body, and you’ll see Increased chances of cancer, heart disease, cerebral thrombosis, and venous insufficiency of the lower limbs. .

E-cigarette gas is not meant for people to consume, let alone inhale.

More damage

Some people experience acute respiratory failure, which is not determined by consuming an entire pack or e-cigarette, but rather by the person’s sensitivity to one of the components of the device; these people are often severely ill and end up in intensive care.

It is important to realize that as the doctor’s role is to warn the population from a macro-legal perspective, the Ministry of Health and People’s Power is affiliated with the anti-tobacco fight and a good use of this fight has been developed.

– There are currently two new laws, one is Resolution No. 362 issued on May 31, 2023, which expresses interesting regulations, among other things, it requires 80×50 notification, but you enter any sale of these product, no one notices you’ve done so, despite warnings that anyone who doesn’t comply will be punished – he said.

Another article stated that the use of these devices in enclosed places, indoor areas, and public places is prohibited.

The problem is not setting standards, the problem is making sure they are met, and you don’t see notices where these products are sold.

Another resolution introduced on August 3 involved a blanket ban on all activities involving sales, manufacturing and marketing, a fact that was praised because it was government aid.

high percentage

Something must be done. In San Cristóbal we visited 10 schools and conducted a survey to understand the population that had used the systems, “We have educational centers where up to 48% of the population have used the systems and these centers The average active consumption of people who have used the product has used and continues to use it, accounting for almost 18% of this group.”

That’s why parents and representatives have to be very concerned because this is happening in the community, in front of everyone’s eyes. In the schools visited, 473 students used it.

ignorance factor

Many people do this out of ignorance, they do not understand that e-cigarettes are harmful to health and are no more harmful than traditional cigarettes, but this product has only been on the market for 19 years and we must be careful because it can induce the consumption of other types of drugs.

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