▷ #VIDEO Luzmila Leal: We noticed an increase in diarrhea symptoms due to water pollution in Lala #14Ago

doctor Luzmila LealNational Council Member united doctors of venezuela The (MUV) said on Monday, August 14, that there has been an increase in the number of patients with symptoms of diarrhea due to insufficient water supply at Lala’s home.

“We observed that when we turned on the taps, yellow water came out, which was not fit for human consumption. This was very serious because we noticed an increase in the number of acute diarrhea symptoms in adult patients, compared to those in households. As in any case, we can see diarrheal symptoms in many members, adults and children,” the physician told El Impulso.

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“It’s even more serious for older people with compromised immune systems who come to us in a severely dehydrated state,” he added.

Faced with this situation, experts warn that the contaminated water may cause diseases.

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“It’s important to consider that these contaminated waters can transmit a number of diseases, including hepatitis A that we’ve observed in patient examinations, and the presence of a variety of parasites and bacteria in the water,” he said.

Finally, he offers some advice for people to make sure they are drinking the water they need to be healthy.

“The general public is advised, if they cannot buy reliable bottled water, to boil the water we drink and the water we use to wash and cook food,” concluded Dr. Lyell.

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