Actually this is nothing new John Lydon, aka johnny rotton the singer sex pistols he always has a lot of ringworm Patti Smith, He defined it in a memoir as “Old Hippies”

John Lydon: Advice

Now he’s back to his old ways and says he thinks it’s Crediting Patti Smith for “mistakes” and by extension, New York origins of punk, indeed U.K. First did.

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With his 1975 debut album, Smith is often considered an integral part of the American punk movement ‘horses’. leader of Public Image Ltd, However, he claims that England is the true birthplace of the genre, with artists including: David Bowie, T-Rex, Sweet, The Clash, The Dammed and the Sex Pistols.

Very controversial because before that in the US they were Velvet Underground, Golem, MC5 Soon after New York Dolls.

Regardless, Patty and her band could be considered pre-punk, too cultured and poetic to be real punk.

during an interview sun, Lyden said: “I hear a lot of American journalists pretending that all punk influences come from New York. Brilliantly…? Hello? Bands like Sweet’s Ballroom Blitz and Mud’s Tiger Feet, that’s what they do!”

Not only that, he also gave several names:

“T. Rex, David Bowie, Slade, Mott The Hoople, The Alex Harvey Band – their influence was massive. They tried to take all of that down and wrap it around Patti Smith. Bad!”.

when the ramones went crazy and pranked johnny rotton

Lydon then accused the punk band New York Ramones “Those studded leather jackets in uniform are bullshit.”

He also talks about his former bandmates and his new “revival punk” supergroup. generation sex, Formed by former Sex Pistols guitarists steve jones and drummer paul cook with members Generation X, Billy Idol and tony jamesthen the creator Pay attention to satellites.

the singer “Anarchy in England” He doesn’t like punk (quite the opposite) and reveals that he and his bandmates used to call “idols” “The Cliff Richard of Punk”, Although he insists that it is a “Good guy”.

“Wish them luck, but come on guys, assemble. The Pistols had songs they never really understood, and Billy had to come in and be the interpreter. What did poor Billy assume? We used to call him punk Cliff Richard, he’s a very nice, easygoing guy. He and Sid Vicious used to have a really big fight over who could pull off the best Elvis Presley taunt ridiculous.”

Of course he made these remarks to draw attention His band Public Image Ltd released a new album today, their eleventh studio album, “The end of the world”.

On the other hand, Lydon, who recently lost his wife, has a problem A woman who harassed him for claiming to be his daughter.

“Right now I’m fighting a stalker who came into my yard at night and said she was my daughter.”

“She’s 50 years old. What’s really annoying is the callous egoism. I’ve had stalkers before, but this one was so unreasonable and there was potential for something more serious that I had to Report her. I don’t like to cause trouble for people, but it stresses me out. It makes me nervous.”

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