♫ Lynn Anderson and her everlasting rose garden

She was one of the most important and successful country-pop crossover singers of the 1970s, Lynn Andersonwidely known for the song rose Gardenwhich won him an award grammy In 1971, it reached number one on the charts in many countries.

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Lynn passed away eight years ago, on July 30, 2015, nashville Heart attack at 67, according to hospital center Vanderbilt University Medical Center, where she was entered. After returning home, she was hospitalized for pneumonia. Italy.

Lynn Anderson and her garden of everlasting roses

Lynn began her music career as a country singer in 1966, but it wasn’t until 1971 that she debuted with her famous “rose Garden”, Although his song catalog is much larger than his own, it is inevitable that his songs will go down in the annals of popular music.

a topic by Joe South There have been many versions of it, including a very successful Spanish version (“Jardín de Rosas”, Duncan Du, 1986). The most crossover and popular Lynn.

Billy Joe Royal, Freddie Weller, Dobby Gray, Three Degrees Or its own author had done it before, but it was Lynn Anderson who got a taste of it.

Lynn Anderson and her garden of everlasting roses

association Lynn AndersonJoe South wrote at least 3 great songs, ““How Can I Unlove You” was Lynn’s second album recorded in 1971, following the huge success of “The Rose Garden,” followed by “Fool Me” in 1972.

Nan is a composer and musician ( Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin) always attested to his greatness with a well-stocked songbook that featured rich versions: “Walk a Mile In My Shoes,” “Hush,” “Games People Play,” etc… which were later made into change to Bryan Ferry, Deep Purple anyone Jerry Lee Lewis.

local singer Dakota After his country music career, he dabbled in rock, pop and even disco music. His last release was Bridges in 2015.

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