🎥 Madeleine bird flu leads to lower sea lion mortality

he Víctor Fratto, a wildlife rescuer at the Refaunar Foundation, admits on #LA17 that bird flu is spreadingalthough he emphasized the disease is known and its evolution, so Necessary precautions can be taken to minimize the impact.

“The flu virus is spreading, but we can say that unlike the coronavirus, we are learning about it, but we don’t know what to do about it, We’ve known about this virus for over 20 years, we know what to do and what precautions to take, So this makes it possible for us to foresee any other inconvenience, which the Ministry of Tourism is also working on, to be exact A good and safe season for those who come”, emphasizes Víctor Fratto.

Apart from Warns some residents of approaching animals on the beach, considering that “(…) we can transmit the virus through animal faeces or secretions, which are a route of transmissionSo that’s why there are certain protocols that have to be followed, these protocols are designed for our sanctuaries especially in areas where you can weigh some of the excrement like penguin habitats, these protocols are designed so that you can visit normally . “

When it comes to Puerto Madryn and its sanitation, “(…) we have a fairly small number, What happened is that it’s hard to talk about numbers, but actually the official numbers are what we get from SENASA after sampling the animals. So you have animals that have been sampled and tested positive, like a sea lion that we have at Caesars Beach, and then you have another sea lion that has all the symptoms, but has not been sampled. So people thought, yes, the bug had viral effects.But let’s say we have a relatively small number of people If we were to compare with Necochea or Puerto Mar del Plata. “

clarify”(…) The numbers so far aren’t shocking I tell you, Tour activities are not cancelled, except for snorkeling with sea lions or kayaking with sea lionsbecause there can be contacts there. Other tourism activities can be carried out as normal. “

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