🔴 Blue dollar today: how much it is trading at this Monday, January 10

The Dolar blue start this monday, january 10 to $ 205 for the purchase and at $ 208 for sale in the Buenos Aires City.

A) Yes stays close of the historical record which marked Thursday, December 30, when it briefly traded at $ 210.

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In consecuense, the gap with the wholesale ticket, which is located at $ 103.28, it reaches 101.39%.

For its part, the dollar officiatesHe starts the wheel at $ 102.50 to buy and at $ 108.50 for sale on the screens of the Banco de la Nación Argentina (BNA).

Thus, the exchange rate “Solidarity” or savings it is located in $ 179.03.

The price of the blue dollar in the last 30 days

The dollar blue increased $ 6.50 in December.

In November, the informal exchange rate had gained $ 5 or 2%, almost double what the wholesaler rose in the same period. The parallel touched the then record of $ 207 in the days before the legislative elections on November 14.

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The price of the dollar in the last year

Throughout 2021, it totaled $ 42 or 25.3%, well below the estimated inflation for the same period, which is estimated at 50%.

After the strengthening of the exchange rate, in October 2020, the blue dollar deflated during the first quarter of 2021. It had started the year at $ 165, but at Early April hit the $ 139 floor.

It had a slight rebound and on April 28 the parallel price reached $ 162. During the following weeks, the blue dollar remained below that value, until June 24, when it again broke the $ 170 barrier.

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At the end of July, he crossed another psychological barrier, that of the $ 180. Except for brief intervals, the rest of the year remained above these levels.

In August, the blue dollar price remained relatively calm and moved between $ 178 and $ 183. In the days prior to the legislative PASO elections on September 12, the price rose again and reached $ 186.50. It remained around that value until the first weeks of October.

Towards the end of October, the blue dollar returned to its maximum face value of $ 195, and days before the November elections it reached $ 207.

During the first weeks of December, the price spiked to $ 195.50. However, he regained momentum over the end of the year, when it briefly traded at $ 210, to close 2021 at $ 208.

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