10 Beauty Secrets of French Women

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this french women They are recognized all over the world for always leading the fashion, so if you want to know what their secret is, then we tell you 10 Beauty Secrets Apply to look radiant.

Experts emphasize that if you want to have a perfect image, it is not enough to just choose a good makeup, you also need to pay attention to skin, hair and other aspects of care.

France is considered as the living capital of the world, so women living in this country have an advantage that helps them discover different tips to be beautiful forever.

10 Beauty Secrets of French Women

According to Vogue, here are 10 beauty tips French women can adopt if you want to look radiant every day:

  1. Perfume is essential: French women usually wear perfume before going to bed, but to ensure the scent stays on throughout the day, they apply it to hotter areas of the body such as the ankles, behind the knees, shoulders, arms or hands between the fingers.
  2. wash your hair every three days: Many people like to wash their hair every three days to preserve the natural essential oils, but to keep their hair clean, they always use dry shampoo.
  3. bathe in cold water: Shower with cold water is good for blood circulation and make hair shiny.
  4. They avoid using “extra”: French women typically don’t wear extensions, false eyelashes or microblading in order to maintain a natural look.
  5. Perfect pose: The ideal is to remain upright at all times, with your head held high and your shoulders away from your chin.
  6. discreet makeup: Instead of using foundation to “hide” blemishes, French women use concealer.
  7. prominent eyes or lips: When doing makeup, they choose to highlight eyes or lips, that’s why they seldom choose to highlight both parts.
  8. Get as much sunbathing as possible: French women tend to sunbathe as much as possible, which according to them helps them to have a flawless complexion without the need for makeup, but always use sunscreen.
  9. They use baby products: Lip balms or lip balms designed for teens often have more effective and natural formulas.
  10. handkerchief trick: One of the tricks passed down through generations of French women is to tie a scarf around their neck when they’re not wearing make-up, which helps to distract from being noticed.
The secret to most French women is light makeup. Photo: Pixabay

Now that you know the beauty secrets of French women, you can always look radiant without any effort.

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