10 Best Home Tips to Say Goodbye to a Sore Throat

With the cold winter, the sudden change in temperature makes many people A sore throat that is bothersome and difficult to treat.

For this discomfort, we recommend that you not overlook some effective home tips. Remember that in many cases a sore throat is the first symptom you have of a cold or flu.

Why do you have a sore throat? Pain is due to inflammation. The area in and around the back of the throat (called the pharynx) is often inflamed, which is why it appears redder in color and can be more painful when swallowing..

10 Home Tips to Relieve a Sore Throat

1. Honey: Mix honey with hot milk, make tea or take directly This is excellent classic therapy. It is as effective as dextromethorphan, an antitussive drug that calms coughs in children. Studies have shown that honey is more effective at relieving symptoms than some traditional remedies, including antibiotics and the antihistamine diphenhydramine. (Honey should not be consumed by children under one year of age due to the risk of infant botulism.)

2. a lot rest. Rest is crucial so the body can recover and can focus as much energy as possible on recovery. Severe sleep deprivation, even for one night, can lead to an increase in inflammatory proteins called cytokines. You must also avoid talking, singing or shouting loudly, as they can inflame the throat even more.

3. drinking water to keep your throat moist to avoid dehydration.

Honey mixed with warm milk, steeped in tea, or taken on its own are classic remedies.

4. Drink hot food and beverages, such as broth, decaffeinated tea, or milk with honey.

5. to do gargle with warm salt water Helps relieve sore throats. Children over the age of six and adults may rinse the solution in their mouth and spit it out. In addition to helping with pain relief, salt water breaks down secretions while clearing bacteria from the throat.

6. Gargle sodium bicarbonate. Salts are better known, but mixing water with baking soda, which kills bacteria and prevents fungal growth, can also help soothe a sore throat.

7. Vapor or moisture. Dry air can make a sore throat worse. One solution is to inhale the steam. To do this, put freshly boiled water in a container. Place a towel over your head and breathe in, letting the steam enter through your mouth and nose.do it for 10 or 15 minutes.

8. Mint. Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, menthol helps thin mucus and relieve sore throats and coughs.

9. chamomile. It is a natural pain reliever that has long been used medicinally for its anti-inflammatory properties. It can be drunk hot or inhaled to relieve cold symptoms, including sore throats.

10. Sage and echinacea. Echinacea/sage spray is just as effective at relieving sore throats as traditional over-the-counter throat sprays. Echinacea (by itself) is thought to be more of a preventive supplement, helpful in treating coughs, helping to relieve mucus from coughs.

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