10 best travel movies to watch right now

“For two years he has been traveling the world: no phone, no swimming pool, no dogs and cats, no cigarettes. Extreme freedom, an extremist, an aesthete traveler for whom the street is home, ”reads Alexander’s engraving inside the Magic Bus in the film. In wild nature From Sean Penn. Summer is a travel time for many people around the world. Travel to take a break from everyday life, relieve stress, have fun, see new places, as well as experience adventure and find yourself.

Cinema has given us many travel stories, a lot of films of different genres on the road. Comedies, thrillers, sci-fi, love stories and even horror, but in this article we recommend ten titles to watch before leaving for the holidays or, why not, even if you are staying in the city and want to at least get moving in your mind. Fasten your seat belts and have a good trip!

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Little Miss Happy

On Disney+, find an exciting and entertaining movie about Jonathan Dayton AND Valerie Faris released in 2006. You can hop aboard a yellow van with a dysfunctional and irresistible family of top actors including Toni Collette, Steve Carell, Alan Arkin, Greg Kinnear, Paul Dano and a very young girl Abigail Breslin.

The Hoover family travels from New Mexico to a girls’ beauty pageant in California. Little Olive is determined to be a Miss, even if her looks don’t meet the required standards of beauty. A grandfather kicked out of a nursing home for drug problems, a taciturn and emo brother, a flippant mother, a workaholic father, and a depressed uncle who tried to commit suicide travel the United States together to fulfill a dream. Little Miss Happy it had four Oscar nominations and won for screenplay and supporting actor.

Ella and John

In 2018 Paolo Virzi directs this international film, which you will find on Netflix with Helen Mirren AND Donald Sutherland the protagonist of a touching and intimate road movie based on the novel Michael Zaduryan Travel vs. traffic. Ella and John are an elderly couple who decide to leave in an old camper to escape their fate. Both have health issues and the kids are adults, but a new adventure on the Old Route 1, Key West destination, is still possible. The journey will allow them to relive their love, their life together and come to terms with regrets and obsessions that they need to deal with before it’s too late.

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At Paramount+ you can watch a wonderful film from Cameron Crowe With Orlando Bloom, Kristen Dunst AND Susan Sarandon. A drama on the road that begins with bad luck: the protagonist, played by Bloom, had just failed at his job and went bankrupt shortly before he received the news of his father’s death. Nothing goes like this, he leaves everything on standby and leaves to join his family and attend the funeral.

On the plane, he meets a particular flight attendant, and a series of coincidences will lead the young man to travel alone across the United States in the company of his father’s ashes in order to find balance, understand his mistakes, and rediscover his heart, revealing the things that really matter in life to be happy. A film that is good for the heart and excites with humility and intelligence.

Thelma and Louise

On Prime Video, one of the most unforgettable road movies directed by the director Ridley Scott. The two best friends are dissatisfied with their lives and decide to drop everything and leave together aboard a Ford Thunderbird for a vacation in the mountains. Encounters, unexpected events, and a series of trials take them on a journey across the United States, alternating between thought-provoking deserts and dangerous landscapes. The holiday soon turns into a nightmare between criminals, the police and controversial characters who want to hunt them down because they hold them responsible for some violent acts.

All my crazy love

In 2019 Gabriele Salvatores is making this movie, which you can see on NowTv and Sky. Vincent played by Giulio Prano, a teenager with a form of autism who lives in his own world, away from his peers and the rest of the world. It was not easy for the mother to stay close to him and take care of him alone, but things got better when her partner Mario helped her by taking care of both of them.

However, Vincent’s real father, Willycomes into their lives suddenly after leaving Elena she just got pregnant. Through a series of unforeseen events, father and son travel together, getting to know each other for the first time, and establishing an accomplice relationship between ups and downs. Claudius Santamaria as Willy, he gives an excellent interpretation, although the naturalness of the young Pranno, who draws him into the story, is striking.

Don’t make me go

On Netflix movie Hanna Marks which tells the story of Max, a single father who is diagnosed with a terminal illness and decides to travel with his teenage daughter. They travel from California to New Orleans to spend time together and strengthen their relationship, but Max has another goal. The daughter does not know this, but she will meet the biological mother who once abandoned them. In fact, given her health, her father wants to make sure that when the girl is gone, she can count on someone and be in good hands. A touching road movie that sometimes breaks the dramatic tone with ironic dialogue and a captivating soundtrack.


Oscar-winning film director Chloe Zhao it’s on Disney+ and if you still miss it, you should definitely get it. Fairy Frances McDormand plays a lonely woman who decides to leave the comfort and security of her bourgeois days to travel by minivan to America, living from hand to mouth. On his journey, he meets many people who will affect his life in one way or another, against a backdrop of warm natural landscapes shrouded in poetic sunsets and more hostile expanses of snow and ice that invite a challenge. An emotional adventure to be experienced with an open heart and mind to discover the essence of the nomadic soul and the true meaning of home.


In 2001 Brad Pitt AND Julia Roberts are the protagonists of this romantic comedy on the road, which you can see on NowTv and Sky. Director Gore Verbisnki, Mexican follows Jerry, a friendly rogue who works for a mob boss and is forced to complete one last mission: travel to Mexico to find a precious vintage pistol that seems to be cursed. Jerry is in a crisis with his girlfriend Samantha, who wants him to stop crime in order to build a stable and peaceful life once and for all. The two set out on a journey full of unexpected events together, risking their lives several times, accompanied by hitman Leroy, played by the late James Gandolfini.

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In wild nature

If you love travel movies, you can’t help but love this Sean Penn movie, available on Prime Video. Emil Hirsch interprets Christopher McCandless he is Alexander Supertramp in this film based on true events. After graduating in 1992, Christopher decides to drop everything to travel across the country to his goal – the wilds of Alaska. He puts everything in the background to make his dream come true, to feel free and in touch with the wild nature that the viewer experiences with him step by step, with a backpack on his shoulder.


On Prime Video, a post-apocalyptic adventure directed by John Hillcoat with Viggo Mortensenbased on the novel of the same name. The world has become a dark and inhospitable place, and father and son want to try to get to the South to start a new life in a friendlier and more comfortable environment. Danger is always around the corner, in the footsteps Last of us such as atmosphere and storytelling dynamics. Also in the cast Charlize Theron who, however, appears in some flashbacks as the protagonist’s wife, who is no longer with her family.

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