10 book series to watch this summer

Tthe transformation of literary works into television productions is a well-established practice. Recently, there are more and more series based on books that are offered to us by streaming platforms.. Here are the most beautiful and innovative ones we can enjoy this summer under the umbrella.

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10 most beautiful series based on books

1. Crowded room (Apple TV+)

Consists of ten episodes based on the 1981 novel. room full of people Daniel Keyes (published in Italy by Nord), this series tells true story screenplay by Akiva Goldsman – Oscar-winning screenplay, beautiful mind – and to look Starring Amanda Seyfried, Emmy Rossum and Tom Holland.. The latter plays Billy Milligan, boy arrested in Manhattan in 1979 after a horrific shooting.

The story is told through a series of interrogations conducted by psychiatry researcher Raya Goodwin. (Amanda Seyfried) who traces Danny’s story, revealing traumatic elements of his mysterious past. With twists and turns that will lead him to a revelation that will change his life.

2. Snow Maiden (Netflix)

Based on the world hit Snow Maiden – published by Salani – Spanish writer Javier Castillofavorite and very popular author on social networks, tells the story Miren (Milena Smith), a young journalist who is interested in disappearance of a little girl. An event that pushes her to investigate with determination and commitment to an unusual case, upset by a news case. In fact, you have to race against time and suspense to try to save and bring a little girl back home.even when hopes are reduced to a minimum.

Milena Smith in a scene from the play “The Snow Maiden”. (Courtesy of Netflix)

3. American, born Chinese (Disney+)

Based on the comic book of the same name by Gene Luen Yang. published by Tunuè, the series is intended for protagonist Jin Wan (Ben Wan), a young Asian who seeks to be considered simply 100% american boy. Because he fell in love with a 100% American: the beautiful Amelia (Sydney Taylor). Standing between them is Danny, a tall, blond man who plays basketball well and is popular with the girls.

In this way, the lives and stories of these three characters merge into a contemporary fairy tale that beautifully intertwines fascinating Chinese mythology and the modern Western world.. And he succeeds in addressing fundamental and sensitive issues such as racism, bullying, discrimination and cultural identity. Michelle Yeoh is also in a very young lineup. like an ancient Chinese deity.

Michelle Yeoh in a scene from the movie An American Born Chinese. (Courtesy of Netflix)

4. Little things in life (Disney+)

Series with Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern as executive producers. based on the autobiographical novel by Cheryl Straid and has its main character young writer Claire, alter ego of the author, faced with marriage and motherhood. In the meantime, her promising career as a writer is slipping through her fingers like sand. and fails. So, an old writer friend suggests create an advice column called “Dear Sugar” and for Claire, this will be the beginning of an exciting new chapter.

Kathryn Hahn in a scene from The Little Things in Life. (Courtesy of Disney+)

5. Silage (Apple TV+)

Literary saga written by Hugh Howey. – and consists of a trilogy of books Wool, Shift AND Dust all published by Rizzoli – talks about a community living in a post-apocalyptic underground city. Several thousand survivors are imprisoned in a huge underground bunker more than 1.5 km deep, protecting residents from the toxicity of the external environment. When the sheriff of a mine breaks a key rule, resulting in the deaths of several survivors, engineer Juliet Nichols (Rebecca Ferguson) begins her own investigation.. And very soon, shocking secrets and some truths about his past will be revealed to him. Tim Robbins and rapper Common also star.

Rebecca Ferguson in a scene from the movie Bunker. (Courtesy of Apple TV+)

6. Daisy Jones and Six (First videos)

Based on the novel by Taylor Jenkins, published in 2020 by Sperling & Kupfer. this story is about Daisy Jones and The Six, a fictional rock band who was depopulated in the seventies In the United States. Their concerts fill stadiums around the world, and their songs light up the nights of an entire generation. in July 1979, after a memorable concert, the group broke up without explanation.

Until former musicians, managers, journalists and family members forty years later they are finally ready to tell the truth. But everyone has their own version of events. A parable of a memorable musical season inspired in part by the Fleetwood Mac story. Cast: Riley Cough, Camila Morrone and Suki Waterhouse..

The cast of Daisy Jones and the Six. (Courtesy of Prime Video)

7. Lockwood & Co. (Netflix)

An addictive urban fantasy that takes us to a world where ghosts exist that appear at sunset and have the ability to kill. even through physical contact. That’s the tone of the series based on the novels Jonathan Stroud published by Salani.

We are in London, in an unspecified futuristic reality in which, following The Problem – a devastating event that completely changed the fate of the population – children seem to be destined to fight Evil. Trained as swordsmen and armed with magnesium bombs, the teenagers do everything they can to ensure the survival of mankind.. Three excellent protagonists: Ruby Stokes (Lucy Carlisle), Cameron Chapman (Anthony Lockwood) and Ali Hadji-Heshmati (George Karim).

Ruby Stokes and Cameron Chapman in Lockwood & Co. (Courtesy of Netflix)

8. Infiltrate the White House (Sky, NOW)

Based on the 2007 investigative book by Egil and Matthew Krogh. The miniseries tells the story of two of Nixon’s political saboteurs. Respectively E. Howard Hunt (Woody Harrelson) and G. Gordon Liddy (Justin Theroux), who accidentally managed to overthrow the presidency of the United States in 1971. When the White House hired them to investigate the Pentagon leak, before the Watergate case was blown up. The series tells about disappointment and slight irony with a page of history that shook the political world., reporting facts with a touch of frivolity and sarcasm. Also in the cast Lena Headey.

The cast of “Infiltrate the White House” (courtesy of heaven)

9. The last thing he said to me (Apple TV+)

Based on the novel of the same name success published by Piemme and written by Laura Dave – also in charge of adaptation with her husband Josh Singer – this thriller hero star Nickname Jennifer Garner as Hannah Michaels. The woman who should reunite with 16-year-old stepdaughter Bailey, with whom she still had a difficult relationship, while trying to find her husband, Owen. (Nikolai Coster-Waldau), disappeared under mysterious circumstances. And that he left them cryptic note with the words “Protect her”.

Jennifer Garner in a scene from The Last Thing She Told Me. (Courtesy of Apple TV+)

10. The Spy Among Us (Sky, NOW)

Damian Lewis and Guy Pearce in a scene from The Spy Among Us. (courtesy of heaven)

The action takes place in Great Britain during the Cold War.this series is based on the journalistic bestseller The newspaper “New York Times Ben McIntyre. Event pivot complicated relationship between Nicholas ElliottMI6 intelligence officer, and his dear friend and colleague Kim Philby (Guy Pearce) who in 1963 decides to flee to Russia after secretly working as a KGB double agent.

The friendship between the two main characters is the point of view through which the story is told. an incident that actually took place. And it still affects relations between Russia and America.


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