10 deleted scenes from a Greta Gerwig movie

All scenes are cut from Barbie, including the kiss between Barbie and Ken and jokes about flatulence.

bArbi (2023), director’s recent feature film Greta Gerwig (Little Women, Lady Bird), which brought to the big screen the story of one of the most famous dolls in the world, namely Barbie, the icon Mattelbecame Movie of the Year in less than a month. The film, seen all over the world, has grossed billions of dollars around the world and has become in Italy not only the most viewed film of the yearbut also led to the best cinematography in Italy!

Now that everyone has seen this movie, many are wondering movie backstorysome have received particular attention deleted scenes from feature film. Below we list 10 deleted scenes that didn’t make it through Barbie’s editing phase.

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1. The kiss between Barbie and Ken was omitted from the Barbie movie.

Ken barbie kiss

Many wondered why Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling’s Barbie and Ken never kiss in the movie. However, when watching the movie, it becomes clear that Barbie is not interested in Ken, an idea that both actors came up with after much thought. Gosling admitted in an interview that he and Robbie tried to insert a kiss between the two characters, but eventually changed their minds: “it was fun trying to figure out what their idea of ​​what kissing is like. But I’m glad you were excluded from the film“.

2 Cameo Saoirse Ronan and Timothée Chalamet

Saoirse Ronan Timothée Chalamet - Cinematographe.it

Saoirse Ronan and Timothée Chalamet are Greta Gerwig’s favorite couple, and it was almost certain that the director would offer some sort of role in the film. Barbie to your favourites. Appeared Lady Bird (2017) e Small woman (2019) Ronan and Chalamet were supposed to make cameo appearances in the feature film, but due to their job responsibilities, they were unable to find time to film the scenes.

The idea has always been to give it small details. because (Saoirse Ronan) was producing (The Outrun, a film she also stars in) at the time and I’m very proud of her. And then, of course, it’s great. But the idea was that it was a special cameo.“. Indeed, at the time of filming Barbie, it was revealed that the Irish actress would star in the film. Similarly, Chalamet was also unable to take part: “WithI was also going to do a special cameo with Timmy but both of them couldn’t make it and I got really upset. But I really really love them. They are like my children.“. The director also said that Chalamet came to visit her on the set.and later regretted not being able to do the film, telling Gerwig “I should have been there too (to the cinema)“.

3. Joke about the resemblance of Emma Mackey and Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie, Emma McKee - Cinematographe.it

For years, people have pointed out the great resemblance between Margot Robbie and Emma McKee sex education), purposefully prompting Greta Gerwig to choose a French-British actress.

I’ve been hearing for years that I look like the girl in Sex Education. She plays one of the Barbies in the movie because Greta thought it was funny. We wanted to joke about how similar we areRobbie opened up. “But when we dressed up as Barbie, we thought, “Well, we don’t look that much alike.”‘. When she has brown hair and I have blonde hair, we don’t really look alike, which is why the line was left out of the movie in the end.“.

4. Scene between stupid Barbie and Ken

Strange Barbie Ken - Cinematographe.it

In a behind-the-scenes photo released by Warner Bros., we can see Wacky Barbie Kate McKinnon and Ken Gosling while they’re together in the barbie pool. In the photo we see Ken lying in the pool with his head on his knees and a goofy Barbie, in the foreground we also see Greta Gerwig trying to contain her laughter. An image that made many wonder what could have happened in the scene between them and we may never know!

5. Scenes from the making of Barbie Land

Creation of Barbie Barbieland - Cinematographe.it

In the image that recently appeared on the Internet, we see a series of photographs of film sequences discarded during editing. Among the photos, we also see one that shows Barbie Margo and Ken Gosling in the clothes the dolls wore in their first release and with the caption “Making Barbie Land“, which suggests a possible initial sequence in which we see how the world of Barbieland was created and how Ken became a devoted Barbie fan and number one fan.

Part of this possible scene was also featured in a short promotional video for the film, showing Barbie holding a life-size Ken doll impersonated by Ryan Gosling.

6. Ken doll return scene

Barbie scenes cut from the movie - Cinematographe.it

A frame from the image of scenes cut from the film, you can also see the photo with the description below: “Ken Toys is back” It means that “Ken’s toys are back“. By analyzing the film’s serial number, which is 89, we can assume that this scene probably took place. after Ken’s defeat at Barbielandand so the Ken dolls were no longer selling as well, and indeed were returned to Mattel as they are no longer of interest to the public.

Barbie Ken toys - Cinematographe.it

7. Midge in labor removed from Barbie

Barbie Midge gives birth - Cinematographe.it

Always starting with an image of scenes cut from the film, we can also see a photo with the caption: Midge is in laborwhere we see Midge (played by British actress and director Emerald Fennell) giving birth. Around her also, perhaps, Dr. Barbie, writer Barbie and three other characters. Among them is the famous actress Helen Mirren, who in the original version is the narrator of the film.

8 Flatulence Jokes That Dropped From The Movie

Barbie - Cinematographe.it

Among the scenes removed from the feature film are those in which flatulence jokes. In an interview, director Greta Gerwig admitted that she and editor Nick Khoury considered including some fart jokes in the film, but ultimately decided not to.

They put some kind of fart piece of art in the middle (Barbie). I thought it was very funny. But that wasn’t the general consensus.— said the director in one of the episodes of the podcast. Filmmaker’s Toolkit from IndieWire, reporting that during test screenings of the film, audiences did not like the jokes very much. “However, it was in the wrong place. Next time we need to be able to fit it into a more meaningful narrative.Khoury explained in a podcast.

Gerwig also said that he wanted to use similar jokes in his previous films. Lady Bird (2017) e Small woman (2019), but even these repositories were removed during the editing phase.

9. Another Allan

Barbie Allan, Michael Cera, Jonathan Groff - Cinematographe.it

Regarding the character of Allan, played by Michael Cera, casting director Allison Jones revealed that the role was originally offered to Jonathan Groffstar of the famous Netflix thriller signed by David Fincher. mind hunterwhich, unfortunately, he had to give up. Jones said of Groff’s rejection: “Dear, dear Jonathan Groff replied:They can’t believe they’re writing this, but I can’t, Allan.“.

10 The Kens Who Weren’t In The Movie

Barbie and actors - Cinematographe.it

We are not talking here about the actors who were written out of the film, but rather about the actors who could not participate in the film, but were considered for the roles of various Kens. Actors Bowen Young (SNL star), Dan Levy (Schitt’s Creek) and Ben Platt were also considered for Ken, but due to work commitments, they had to turn down the roles.

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