10 Denim Miniskirts from Zara, Lefties or Stradivarius for Short Women

Carmen Pita is a fashion expert. He is always on the lookout for trends, never missing a parade of the most “top” designers at any of the international “Fashion Weeks” and looking for the best “street style” clothes from Paris, Milan, New York, Copenhagen or Copenhagen. madrid.

In his daily life, he will attend exhibitions and travel to different cities in Europe to explore and try the latest products of various brands. He knows everything about Zara, Stradivarius or Pull&Bear collections, but he is also a big fan of small Spanish companies or “vintage” stores, where he can buy second-hand clothes or accessories. Sustainability in the textile industry is one of its concerns, which is why it researches which fabrics or production processes are more respectful of the planet, and the certificates that certify them.

Carmen Pita is a graduate of the Department of Journalism at the Complutense University of Madrid and has worked for well-known women’s magazines such as Yo Dona and ELLE. In 2017 he landed on Cosmopolitan and not only writes about fashion but also interviews Becky G, Maluma, Isabelle Fontana, Milena Smit, Haja Brown or Addison Singers, actors, models or “influencers” such as Ray.

In addition to his professional experience, the journalist has lived in London and Peru. Two very different adventures gave her a broader perspective on culture and fashion. His enthusiasm? Write poems and short stories on your Instagram account.

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