10 Effective Lemon Cleaning Tips

We have emphasized the disinfecting ability of lemon more than once. It is this property that can help us achieve multiple purposes in our household cleaning process. Below, we detail some of these tips to make your cleaning routine more efficient and easier.

Microwave and Oven Cleaning

Lemons can help us remove grease and odors from the microwave and oven.

To do this, put A container with a little water and a lemon. It can be a little juice or a slice or peel.

Let the water and lemon boil for five minutes. The steam generated will help us remove the dirt embedded in the walls.

You can then easily clean the walls with a damp cloth.

cutting board

One of the best ways to clean a cutting board, especially a wooden one, is to add a little salt and lemon.

for it, sprinkle some salt on the plate Then rub it with half a lemon.

This way, you’ll be able to remove dirt that would normally get into the wood, and sanitize it.

air freshener

If you’re concerned about sewer smells, try adding a little lemon juice to get rid of those annoying smells.

Also, this is a great refrigerator air freshener. If you notice that your refrigerator has been smelling bad lately, cut a lemon in half and put it in the refrigerator. Leave it on for a few days and you’ll see how to get rid of the bad smell.

rinse aid

Lemons can help us too polish our furniture. To use, mix a little olive oil with lemon juice. Dip a cloth into this mixture and apply it to wooden tables and chairs.

It is also a great helper for removing limescale from taps and giving them a shine, as well as for polishing pots and pans.

clean tupperware

If you brought your macaroni and tomatoes to the office and can’t clean your Tupperware right now, don’t despair. take some lemon juice, Apply it to tomato-stained areas. Let it work for about 15 minutes, then cleanse as usual. You will see the result.

Clean the grater

Sometimes cleaning a grater can be a chore. To make it easier, grate the inside of the lemon. You’ll see how the food scraps drain out more easily.

clean grill

Clean the Grease from the Grille Grilling is often quite a complex task. For faster, more effective results, rub with half a lemon and a pinch of salt while warm.

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