10 Essential Tips for Using Google to Find a Job

Now, Google has become the main tool Go search on the internet, is one of the most popular search engines. Plus, it has millions of indexed pages, allowing access to a vast amount of information within seconds.

andhave some tricks and tips to help you improve Google Search and optimize for the desired result.Here are 10 tips to help you get the most out of this powerful search tool and get more relevant and accurate results Job opportunities that fit your profile.

tool Google Search jobs from search engines

All you have to do is write in toolbar job title and the city you want. If you don’t get any results from Google with this command, Add the word “employment” to your search.

The Google tool also allows users to select multiple filters.the most important of which is The date the offer was launched, Contract Type or Company Type.Another interesting filter is to choose Specific locations; Ability to see existing offers ranging from 3 to 300 km.

Use search filters

By searching on Google, you can access its tools and get more specific results. This happens because filters allow you to limit the results as needed.can be defined Country of Citizenship Sites and data that should be searched Publication and language.

Below the search box, click the tool.

  • Add filter: On the toolbar, click Filters, and choose an option.
  • To remove a filter: On the toolbar, click the delete.

search on a specific site

Sometimes, we want to search for information on a topic in a particular site.For this we use “if you”. In the search engine we enter like this: Sites: Search Sites Google will search the internal content of the website.

Also, if you want to find addresses similar to a specific site, you need to use related words. In Google you have to write as follows: Related: specific places.

Search for information in URL, title or text

There are two interesting resources on Google that allow you to search for information on The title, URL, or text of the page. if you use input: wordit will only find pages consisting of that term.

while typing Title: Topic of Interest, the search engine will render results that contain the topic of interest in the title.Now if you use intext: text contentyou’ll find results that contain only one page of text.

Similar searches (for one or the other term)

If you’re searching for one term or the other, be sure to use The “OR” operator (Spanish “or”). With a fast pace of work, too many tasks, and the need to “get everything done quickly,” we often forget that Google offers great features for optimizing not only your searches, but the time you spend.

Search for a specific file (file type: )

To find a specific file type, such as a PDF or PowerPoint presentation, you can use the operator file type: Next is the file extension you need.

use quotes

In any search, using quotation marks around a phrase tells Google to search for that exact sequence of words in a specific order.That is, if you search for “best jobs in Chapinero,” you’ll get results that contain that exact phrase, rather than related content, such as pages that only contain the word “Better Jobs”, “en” and “Chapinero” respectively.

Diversify your search

use different channels job hunting Get more job opportunities. You can check job postings on social networks such as LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter, general job portals or public job search engines, among others. Don’t look for jobs in just one channel, as not all job opportunities come through the same channels.

be consistent online

The Internet is a network where information flows very fast.If you really want to find a job online, you can’t go online once a week, you have to Always stay in touch and know about all information.

an easy way was informed Alerts provided by subscribing to Google. So you can automatically receive new job opportunities posted.

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