10 Great Sequels That Abandoned Original Ideas


OUR movie sequels allowing stories to develop beyond how they were first presented to the public. Indeed, while genres are useful in classifying films throughout history, they can limit the scope and potential of the most promising premise and franchise. One way of dealing with this problem is the fact that filmmakers sometimes develop sequels that deviate wildly from previously established themes, genres, or characteristics. It’s only over the years that sequels have reached their climax, and their magnificence is only revealed after a little thought. These 10 films they ended up cementing their franchises in unexpected new genres and creative directions.

10fast five (2011)

Fast Five (2011)

The fifth film in the Fast saga, fast five, in particular, there was only one scene with street racing, the culture that the entire franchise is based on. However, since this departure from the original premise has organically entered history, as well as the evolution of action sequences, fast five this allowed the franchise to seamlessly move on to other themes, such as heists, for example. The 2011 film, the sequel to the iconic franchise, also featured the first appearance of Luke Hobbs from Dwayne Johnson and set the stage for the final arc of the Fast saga. First of all, Fast Five remains, to this day, arguably the best heist movie in the Fast Saga.

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