10 hidden lies about P mechanics that the game doesn’t explain to you but you must know

Lies of P is now available for all players who want to immerse themselves in a dark reimagining of the Pinocchio story, and as we tell you in our analysis, the results are pretty good. However, as is common in the genre, it’s not suitable for all skill levels. However, to make things easier for you, we want to share with you a small combination of the following: 10 hidden mechanics Not that hidden, but maybe not as explained as it should be, we hope this will make it easier for you to relate to soullike The latest on the market.

The initial class doesn’t matter

This is for veterans soullike It is by no means a hidden mechanism, but rather those Start the genre with Lies of P Or will it be released alongside some of the latest FromSoftware titles, you might like to know Initial situation matters: No, it doesn’t matter.

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In fact, all it does is Determine your weapons and starting stats.But you can change the weapon later and when you level up you will modify your weapon Statistical data Feel free, it has no permanent effect on your game.

Don’t try to play like Bloodborne, try to play like Sekiro

Although the first impression may be will be aggressive bloodborne or one’s patience soulThe fact is, in reality, The game is designed to be aggressive, parry.Sure, you can use basic old tricks like surrounding an enemy and stabbing him in the back, but the idea here is You have to keep attacking and looking parry anyone perfect lock.

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When an enemy damages you, if you attack immediately after being attacked you will be restored to life, but if you take too long, that small, slightly darker bar will disappear and you’ll have to wait for normal healing. on the other hand, parry Destroy an enemy’s weapon or knock him off balance target, subjecting them to severe attack.

You can block rage attacks

The game will warn you about this at the beginning, but it’s It’s easy for you to forgetbecause “logical game player“Tell you it’s not like that. Furious attack (When the enemy emits a red aura) It will cause a lot of harm if you stop thembut it is possible let them parry.In fact, technically it’s like You should face the boss.

10 mecha

Obviously this is easy to say, hard to do, you have no choice but to get used to it. As a “trick”, these attacks require a short charge time in most cases, and there is a twitch-like animation before launching the attack, making it easy to identify the exact moment.

Don’t consume the boss’s interests

classic work: Bosses’ reasons can be consumed get additional results Used to level up your character. However, you shouldn’t do this. We won’t explain why, but any player knows this. like a soul There are some titles behind it, They will be more useful in the future That’s just a small Promote s level.

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Quick travel menu indicates secondary location

When you use stargazer make fast travellooking at that (this bottom icon from the menu.Sometimes you’ll see a Icon representing NPC Secondary people you can talk to.

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Well, if you see that icon, it not only means that the character is there, but it also means that it has Talk to you about something newwhich in most cases refers to Advance your side quests, if they have any.Sometimes they just give you new deviceso be sure to look for them when you see this icon.

Likewise, those places You can deliver quest items Next to them there will be an icon in the same shape as the object you can deliver.

Gestures are important for NPCs

this gesture or expression What you got was probably a Impact on NPCs People you meet on the road.We recommend you give them a try as you can get Objects as “rewards” Do something they enjoy or who knows, maybe some secondary task that requires making a specific gesture in front of someone special…

10 mecha

What you wear affects how you are treated

and expressionyou What you wear affects how you are treated NPCs you will encounter.Although clothing Your defense has not increased,s changes the interactions with these secondary characters. Read the descriptions of each item of clothing carefully as they can give you enough clues as to who might be affected by seeing you wearing that particular outfit.

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Eliminate the fire by avoiding it

As they say in The Simpsons, “I’m on fire, I dance”.If your character starts Burn, use dodge a few times. By shaking yourself, the destructive effects of the fire will quickly dissipate. Ignoring this detail is too great a threat.

You can change the scaling of weapons

The basic mechanic of all such games is to understand What is the zoom attribute arms.what does it mean to know Attributes increase your weapon damage more. Weapons have scale in terms of mobility, technology and sophistication.Well if you want to take The sword that rises with technology Instead of motor skills, you just need Replace handle of weapons.

10 mecha

Of course, you must have the right material To make these changes, of course.

This allows you to take fuller advantage of the properties, but we recommend that you You always think athleticism = strength, skill = agility. Progression mainly affects the Legion Arms, but this should be secondary to your weapon needs.

The mechanics of truth and lies

we decided to leave this finally because it could be something spoiler For some people, though we’re not going to reveal anything about the plot or anything like that. Just so you know, throughout the game you’ll have to decide between: Tell the truth or lie. The game doesn’t tell you what’s true and what’s a lie, you have to understand it based on context.

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Obviously this will have impact on your game.There will be secondary tasks that are blocked, even Weapons that only appear Have you told enough truth or lies. In this sense, we recommend focusing your entire game on one of them. Mixing them together won’t end well.

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