10 hot scenes that infuriated the real partners of the main actors

As you know, being an actor is not exactly suitable for the most jealous partners. Apart from the fact that stars are in very close contact with their co-stars for several months – and we know how often love stories are born on the set – it actually happens that this also leads to them becoming the protagonists of romantic scenes between kissing and affectionate moments in front of the camera or Worst of all, a nightmare for everyone: sex scenes. And no matter how pushy or outspoken they are, because the end result, that is, what will be in front of everyone right on the big screen, will be that you will see your partner in intimate situations with others. All, perhaps, accompanied by a nice sweet soundtrack. We tend to think that the wives and husbands of Hollywood stars are already ready for such surprises, but this is not always the case. Indeed, more often than you might think, the content of the film incites the jealousy of their loved ones to the point of leading to heavy fights and even threats written in blood! For the Actors and Jealousy series, from Deadpool to Allies through Trainspotting and 50 Shades of Grey, discover today in our gallery ten hot scenes that infuriated the real partners of the leading actors.

Considering that the passion between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie exploded during the filming of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the actress was immediately worried when she saw the strong chemistry that developed between her husband and co-star Marion Cotillard in Allies. Angelina, however, went a little further than mere concern. She seems to have been so jealous that she even hired a private detective to spy on Pitt and Cotillard, convinced they were having an affair.

Eva Mendes, wife of Ryan Gosling, experienced a situation similar to Angelina Jolie during the filming of the musical Damien Chazelle. Having fallen in love during the filming of Like Thunder, where they played a couple, the actress feared that her husband might fall in love with his co-star Emma Stone in a similar way. It’s not confirmed, but some rumors seem to suggest that she made a few surprise appearances on set to check on the situation between them…

Even though the hot scenes shown in the Marvel Cinematic Universe were meant to be funny, there is someone who just couldn’t laugh while watching the movie: Blake Lively, the wife of protagonist Ryan Reynolds, who explained that she suffered a lot when she saw husband in bed with Morena Baccarin: “It was torture. As soon as I looked at the screen, I saw my husband with another!

Of the many controversies that accompanied the making of the film, including sex scenes filmed with Amber Heard’s stunt double without her knowledge, one in particular startled the public due to the overreaction of Johnny Depp, who at the time was still married to the actress. actress. Apparently, after seeing the intimate footage in which he starred with his colleague Billy Bob Thornton, Depp became so jealous that he wrote bloody (!) Insults against both on the mirror, convinced that they were in fact in a relationship.

10 hot scenes that infuriated the real partners of the main actors

It seems that during the casting of Fincher’s film, Ben Affleck personally chose Emily Ratajkowski to play Andy Fitzgerald. And as we know, the two share moments of extreme closeness throughout history. How did Jennifer Garner, the actor’s wife at the time, take it? Very bad. According to various sources, in fact, she was so jealous that she even warned a colleague to stay away from her husband …

No wonder: if you play a call boy, you will have to shoot a lot of sex scenes with different partners. It’s all right, right? The main character of the show is Thomas Jane, who at the time of filming was married to colleague Patricia Arquette. Realizing what she should have expected, the actress admitted in an interview that she could barely watch the episodes in question: “I don’t like them. I can not watch. He’s just my love.”

10 hot scenes that infuriated the real partners of the main actors

During filming, Ewan McGregor was married and expecting a child to production designer Eve Mavrakis. You know, pregnancy often makes you feel physically less attractive, and seeing your movie partner as the protagonist of hot scenes with other women shouldn’t be the best solution. In fact, the woman stated about the scenes with Ewan McGregor and Kelly MacDonald: “She was amazing. I gained weight, and she was still a flower. It took me a while to stop shaking when I saw them together.”

10 hot scenes that infuriated the real partners of the main actors

Here we have one MCU star jealous of another MCU star. At the time of filming, Chris Pratt, who was soon to play Star-Lord, was actually married to Anna Faris, the protagonist of some hot scenes with Chris Evans, the future face of Captain America. Not just “beautiful”. It is no coincidence that during the filming of the film, Pratt said that he was immensely jealous of his future colleague, because he was defined as especially “sexy”.

  • Witches of the East End

He may also be one of the most desirable handsome men in Hollywood, but Channing Tatum also felt threatened when he saw his wife Jenna Dewan star in some hot scenes on the Witches of East End show. In fact, during an interview, he explained that he felt “jealous and very embarrassed” all the time. In response, his wife said, “Well, it would be strange if it were the other way around!”

10 hot scenes that infuriated the real partners of the main actors

Considering it’s one of the most erotic blockbusters of recent years, it’s no surprise that it’s made some jealous. And that someone is Jamie Dornan’s wife, who revealed that it was very, very difficult for her to watch the movie without getting angry. However, to make things even more curious, it wasn’t so much the relationship between her husband and Dakota Johnson that bothered her, but the possibility that Angelina Jolie might have been directing the movie in the first place!

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