10 IKEA decorating tips to turn your home into an affordable modern haven

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Marie Kondo may be a master of order, but if someone (or something, in this case) changes our lives in the affordable way to shape neat and beautiful homes, IKEA will take the cake and serve Japan People are very sorry.

The Swedish company through its design, especially its avant-garde concept, Practicality is at the center of everything But without sacrificing style, it elevates the brand image globally that the vast majority of companies already want.

This is how IKEA affects our lives Many people go to their store just to get ideas“walking” because they know they’ll always find water gushing from this constant source of inspiration in this Nordic giant.

Not really, because IKEA has literally thousands of decorating tips and tricks to turn your home into a modern and affordable space. A large part of it is collected on his blog, and another large part can be found in the exhibits in his shop.

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In this article, we’ve rounded up 10 of these ‘Made at IKEA’ tips.

integrated kitchen

While IKEA offers options to suit every taste, one of the latest trends in kitchen modernization is creating open spaces. Here’s one of IKEA’s latest kitchen secrets. Of course, as long as it fits your needs.

“When designing a kitchen, start by thinking about your own needs. If you integrate the kitchen into another room, you will have spaciousness and comfort to enjoy with the family.a”, assures the IKEA team.

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Natural plants

Everything is green! If there’s one thing this pandemic has taught us, it’s that we need to see life in nature’s greens. Whether on the street or at home.This is why IKEA recommends natural plants for decorationalso has the function of purifying the air, providing oxygen and other health benefits.

“You just need to know The temperature and light required by the plants And choose the planter that best suits your living room decor”, notes IKEA. “The green tones of the plants combine especially well with wood and decorative accessories made of natural fibers such as rattan or bamboo, as they are reproduced in the interior,” they add. all the living elements of nature. “


organize storage space

Similar to Kondo Marie, but without throwing everything away or folding vertically. It’s up to you if you do. IKEA and the Japanese agree on the benefits of organized storage. For the emotional health and image of the family.

For this, IKEA recommends boxes, organizers, extra shelves and baskets. “This accessory, in addition to being very affordable, not only helps us have a tidy wardrobe, but also helps us have a structured one,” they said.

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In addition, he suggested using the “You have more room on hand for items you don’t normally useFor these, he recommends storing them in boxes, using the remaining height above the door if the ceiling has room, and focusing on the back of the door. Use to store the items you have to carry with you on your constant outings so you can easily access them and keep them tidy without taking up unnecessary space in your closet. “The IKEA team.

balanced workspace

Decorate your workspace at home with plants Nooks That Make the Most of Natural Light Here are two of IKEA’s suggestions for workspaces. “Wherever possible, choose natural light for your study or work space, a bright room or large windows can make it easier to focus. You’ll have better views and more exposure to outer space and the time you’re in ’” said IKEA.

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If you need light, he recommends light that is “soft but efficient, focusing on the areas you need so you don’t strain your eyes”, while when it comes to furniture, he recommends prioritizing ergonomic office furniture. “you must choose a suitable chair, to make the time you spend in it as comfortable as possible, with lumbar support and adjustable height. The height of the computer screen should be adapted to the height of the eyes to avoid headaches, and the height of the desk and keyboard should be adapted to the height of the arms to avoid neck pain and elbow and wrist discomfort.

Maintaining order as well as lighting are IKEA’s top priorities in this room.

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bedroom, a quiet place

IKEA suggests that the bedroom is an orderly, comfortable place that conveys a sense of calm. To that end, he recommends the following practical decorating tips:

  • A basket or suitcase When we go to bed, place all the decorative cushions at the foot of the bed.
  • small basket u drawer organizer This way we can order nightstands outside and inside.
  • a door hanger Or a hanger on which to organize (and stretch) the clothes we want to wear again or the ones we have ready for the next day.
  • quilts and bedspreads, 100% breathable cotton.
  • Decoration and storage of wood and natural fibers Provides warmth and a sense of well-being.

ikea vase

Take full advantage of your height

While we’ve covered this tip earlier, IKEA recommends keeping a modern, aesthetically pleasing, and functional space, that is, uncluttered and taking full advantage of the height of the house. “For example, in terms of decoration and order, making the most of the space is crucial,” said his team.

They took the example of shelves above the kitchen railing and door frame, using it to create different heights. These types of techniques allow you to leave spaces more transparent and orderly.

balcony or terrace

If you have a small balcony or patio, IKEA recommends two things: plants and fold-out furniture. “When we had only a few square meters It is important that we make them as versatile as possible through our furniture It takes up just the right amount of space and is as lightweight and foldable as this outdoor dining set,” notes his team.

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Mind you, it doesn’t have to be bland. “Add outdoor cushions and other textiles to make your time on the patio more comfortable, hang a blanket in the back, and if you have room, add an umbrella to the kit…give it character!” IKEA’s advice .

Regarding plants, IKEA recommends vertical gardens on trays or raised shelves if there is no space on the floor.

As the third key element of this space, IKEA lighting stands out. “Candle or light accents will help you decorate a space while providing a romantic and cozy light for your afternoons and evenings in the space,” they note. They also recommend table lamps with indirect lighting.

hang pictures on the wall

Well organized and clean room

IKEA is a Swedish company with one unwavering logo: economical, stylish but minimalist spaces where order is the usual tonic.

So, in the living room, IKEA insists on using furniture that has a double function: beauty and storage. “Make the most of the free space under the sofa, place bags or boxes designed for the area, place a coffee table with storage,

All technology in one place”, recommends the Swede.

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In the bathroom, IKEA certainly recommends Keep it as tidy as possible with boxes and baskets. But it also makes aesthetic suggestions, such as “choose bathroom textiles made from renewable materials and upholster them with bamboo furniture,” that are both beautiful and sustainable.

Decoration skills to make full use of small apartment


If one travels to the Nordic countries, one finds The Importance of Artificial Light. We don’t usually think about this because we have many hours of intense natural light. But when night falls, in Sweden, Norway or Denmark, houses are lit with dim yellow bulbs.

Therefore, IKEA recommends it as a base for all stays Ceiling light with dimmer. “It’s an easy-to-clean light that sets any mood and provides general light that reduces contrast when reading under a bedside lamp.”

For this, he recommends having a reading lamp in the bedroom, a spotlight in the work area or an auxiliary desk lamp on the terrace or in the living room.

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