10 iPhone Photo App Tricks Everyone Should Know

Take advantage of the smoother and more convenient user experience that Photos offers you!

10 iPhone Photo App Tricks Everyone Should Know
Features to enhance your experience and protect your privacy when working with photos

Apple shines with every iOS update Continue to take advantage of the useful features of the Photos app.But especially with iOS 16, it brings tools that allow us to Get rid of third-party apps Touch up, edit, and even better manage your space in iCloud.

So we’re going to share a list of the ones that surprised us the most and definitely allowed us to save a lot of timedue to easy Solve all problems in one place.

Best Tips for the Photos App on iOS

Find pictures with text

10 iPhone Photo App Tricks Everyone Should Know

Activate photo search by keyword

In the Photos app, we’ve got great tools that make it easy to find what you’re looking for. For example, if you’re looking for photos of dogs, just type “dog” into the search bar. And all related photos will be displayed. But that’s not all, you can also search for text that appears on photos.

Remove background from image.

The latest update to iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 brings some really great features to the Photos app: Ability to isolate subject from background. No need to download a third-party app, just a few taps in the Photos app (in case you didn’t know) It also works with video.

To get this result, just Open the image in the Photos application and press and hold the part that we want to separate from the background. We can see a sort of gray flash while the effect is running, followed by a “Paste or Share” option at the top of the image.

Batch edit photos and videos

Photos has a handy feature called Duplicate that lets you transfer edits from one photo or video to another.this means You only need to edit once, then apply those editswhich in this case typically uses a preset created in the triplet application, Many other photos and videossaving time and resources.

Turn off Live Photo sounds

A Live Photo is a GIF that allows iPhone and iPad users to send and receive images, including audio, that they capture 1.5 seconds before and 1.5 seconds after the camera tap. But if it doesn’t exist, you can also choose to resolve it.

10 iPhone Photo App Tricks Everyone Should Know

Turn off Live Photo sounds

It’s very easy to turn off the sound of Live Photos, just follow the steps below:

  • Open the Live Photo and select Edit.
  • Look for the “Live Photo” option and press it to disable the audio.

Delete duplicate photos and videos

Say goodbye to wasting iCloud storage space. The Photos app has a very useful feature that automatically detects duplicate photos and videos, Allows you to delete them. This feature helps you optimize space on your device and keep your memories organized. for it:

  • Go to the photo album and click Duplicate under Utilities. Duplicate photos and videos appear together.
  • Click Merge to merge duplicates. Next, click on “Merge Projects.”

remove location from photo

10 iPhone Photo App Tricks Everyone Should Know

Remove sensitive information from photos

application Photos provide EXIF ​​data Contains information about the device the photo was taken on, the date, and if you didn’t turn off the location, even the location where the photo was taken.

However, it also allows Remove location from data list to protect your privacy And have better control over the information you share.

To delete this information, simply follow these steps:

  • Open the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad and select the photo from which you want to remove location details.
  • Press the circled “i” icon or swipe up on a photo to view its information.
  • Below the photo information, you’ll see the location where the photo was taken on the site map. From there, tap “Adjustments” in the bottom right corner.
  • When the new window appears, select “No Location”.

Identify objects in photos

If you’ve taken a photo of a strange plant and are looking for its identification, the Photos app can help because it has object recognition.this allows Identify plants, animals, artwork and landmarks.

  • When viewing a photo in the app, look for the shiny icon at the top of the “Information” button.
  • Once selected, the application will perform an analysis and provide you with information about related objects.

Scan text from photos

This function allows you to Extract and copy text from photos very conveniently. For this you just need:

  • Open a photo that contains text.
  • Click on the scan icon in the bottom corner and you will see how all the text present in the image is highlighted.
  • Once selected, you can copy it and perform different actions such as search, translate or share.

Check out the apps that access our photos

10 iPhone Photo App Tricks Everyone Should Know

Monitor which apps have access to your photos

have Many apps request access to photos on iPhone, but it’s normal to forget about it. But to relive the memory, we can go into the iPhone’s privacy settings.

  • Open “environment” on your iPhone.
  • to touch “privacy” Scroll down the list and tap Photos.
  • exist “photo”, you’ll see a list of installed apps that have requested access to your photos. Next to each option is a status showing one of three options that can be changed to our liking.

With the tricks and features of the iPhone Photos app, you can Maximize the potential of your photossave time, improve your experience and protect your privacy, Provides control and satisfaction when interacting with your library.

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