10 Martin Scorsese films that are remembered for the music of Robbie Robertson

The music of one is taken from the best films of the other; which?

Cinema and music live on intrinsically essential dependence; from the rumble of the movie to the soundtrack, the image was always accompanied by soundSince then, even silent films have needed noise to be able to communicate and reach audiences; someone who was born in the early 80s between the end Robbie Robertson and Martin Scorsese it is one of the connections that best demonstrates how the two sides complement and need each other. Composer born in Toronto in 1943 who passed away last week after being part of an iconic Canadian-American rock band. Groupcreated by several high-profile multi-instrumentalists, contacted Scorsese, who had already established himself for several years and was already filming his seventh feature film as a director, to compose soundtrack Treleased gold. Given the considerable success of the film and given the great harmony that both workers felt, the author for most of his subsequent films could no longer do without the sounds of Robertson. The musician, in addition, has collaborated with Wim Wenders, Barry Levinson, Oliver Stone AND Sean Pennbut let’s now follow the path that he traveled with the director Taxi driver AND Pilot.

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1. wild bull it was the first collaboration between Robbie Robertson and Martin Scorsese.

Mad bull

In fact, the first call came in 1980. wild bull. movie where Robert DeNiroaccompanied Joe Pesci AND Cathy Moriartyplays the role of an Italian-American middleweight boxer, Jake LaMottasees Robertson’s creation of a well-orchestrated musical score composed of a mixture of original works and other selections, among which the extraordinary involvement stands out Peter Mascagni (Cavalleria Rusticana: Intermezzo).

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2. King for one nightAND

King of night cinema.it

Only 2 years have passed, and along with Scorsese’s next film, another collaboration appeared. King for the night. Pop melodies and orchestral music are once again intertwined in the film’s soundtrack album, which, in addition to BB King AND Ray Charles AND Van Morrisonalso includes Between trainsRobertson’s piece, written after The Band’s breakup but missing from the same feature film.

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3. Robbie Robertson and Martin Scorsese are also together money color

Martin Scorsese, cinematographe.it
Paul Newman in The Color of Money

money colora film inspired by the novel of the same name by Walter Tevis and focused on billiard games Eddie is fastwith the main characters Paul Newman AND Tom Cruise, sees another soundtrack that mixes genres and, above all, different musicians. Song This is how you use it was written in collaboration with Eric Clapton and Robbie Robertson and subsequently enjoyed moderate success.

4. Casino

Casino Cinematograph

After 4 films away, the multi-instrumentalist returns with Scorsese with Casino1995 masterpiece in performance Robert DeNiro, Sharon Stone AND Joe Pesci. The soundtrack in this case is more focused on blues melodies, but with such popular rock pieces as shelter me belonging Rolling Stones. Contemptthe opening theme of the film is taken directly from Contempt From Jean-Luc Godard.

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5. Gangs of New York

Gangs of New York cinematographe.it

2002 is the fifth year of collaboration between the two now friends and colleagues. For Gangs of New YorkRobbie Roberston co-produced the soundtrack with the director himself, fully edited Howard ShoreCanadian composer, best known for the music of the trilogy de Lord of the Rings and for close association with David Cronenberg.

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6. Departed – good and evil

Collaboration of Robbie Robertson and Martin Scorsese

4 years later, the line-up remained practically unchanged, and the soundtrack was entrusted to Howard Shore, composer of the film’s only two original songs, with Robertson also producing. During the feature film, we also find an almost unedited version comfortably Numbperformed Roger Waters, Van Morrison and the same Group.

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7. Shutter Island and another great collaboration between Robbie Robertson and Martin Scorsese.

Collaboration of Robbie Robertson and Martin Scorsese on Shutter Island.
Leonardo DiCaprio on Shutter Island

For Shutter Islanda masterpiece of crazy thriller featuring Leonardo DiCaprioThe Canadian writer returns to deal with the entire music sector. Soundtrack traveling through the songs Max Richter, Giacinto Shelsi AND Morton Feldman he helps the viewer to surrender to the painful and gloomy atmosphere that the film exudes.

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8. The wolf of Wall Street

Matthew McConaughey best films Cinematographe.it

2013, year of release The wolf of Wall Streetalso marks the return of the now famous Howard Shore and of the tripartite division already seen in the two previous works. The variety and heterogeneity of sound that has always distinguished Scorses’ cinema characterizes the work broadly, which combines works such as Glory From Umberto Tozzi To black skinheads From Kanye West and to other tracks created by Shore especially for the film.

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9. Irishman

The Irishman, a collaboration between Robbie Robertson and Martin Scorsese cinematographe.it

Loyal to his most trusted employees, Martin Scorsese wanted to repeat my artistic flair also through the platform with Irishmancontaining limitless talent Al Pacinoto a couple Robert DeNiroJoe Pesci, already in the past a source of great fortune for the director. Accompanying the film crew of production and distribution Netflix then Robertson again, again without Shore, but again impeccable in adapting and arranging the sound to suit the needs of the story.

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10. Flower Moon Assassins is the latest collaboration between Robbie Robertson and Martin Scorsese.

Flower Moon Killers - cinematographe.it

The latest effort by one of the giants of cinema over the past 50 years ended an alliance that seemed almost unbreakable. WITH Flower Moon Assassinspresented this year on Cannes but not yet released in theaters, the two directors complete a picture of 10 films made together. The composer will not be able to see how the public will appreciate the choice made to accompany the extraordinary pairing of De Niro and DiCaprio, but based solely on the past and our experience, we are sure that we will not be disappointed. All.

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