10 Most Expensive And Biggest Celebrity Homes From Tom Cruise To Denzel Washington, Dream Homes

Dream homes of Hollywood stars, from Denzel Washington to Tom Cruise: the ten most expensive and biggest houses of famous actors.

All of us at least once in our lives dreamed of waking up in bed in a wonderful villa in Beverly Hills. The life of a Hollywood star, where our home is an extension of our talent and our ego.

Even the house can be the element that makes us real stars, in fact most popular movie actors they have dream homes with incredible sizes and, above all, prices. Figures and locations that only the best VIPs can afford. So, here are the top 10 of these beautiful and luxurious movie villas.

10 biggest and most expensive houses of famous actors

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston they were one of the most beloved couples of the early 2000s, beautiful and talented, their home between 2001 and 2004 was located in the fabulous hills of Beverly Hills. Surrounded by greenery and decorated in the Rhenish style. The house is currently up for sale for $45 million. A price that makes us well imagine its size.

Tom Cruise instead, he “satisfied” with a mega-mansion to share with his wife, Katie Holmes, it didn’t work out between them, but the villa even had seven palatial-style bedrooms. The house is currently valued at $40 million.

Denzel Washington House (Youtube.it source screen) – designmag.it

Denzel Washington is perhaps one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood, his talent is reflected in his villa of 1.5 acres, about 6 thousand square meters. Beautiful and luxurious, literally huge and with all the amenities. Lower price due to its location, “only” $20 million.

Jason Statham one of the most popular British actors in Hollywood and known for his action movies, spends his days right under the hills of Beverly Hills, in a modern and beautiful $8 million mansion. Windows with crazy views, close and in touch with the city. Minimalist but very elegant style, almost Scandinavian in its decor.

Eddie Murphy he prefers to stay out of the city, with a beautiful modern villa in Granite Bay, near the city of Sacramento, in a quiet area with many luxury houses, very large and with a very designer style. The $10 million price tag makes it less expensive, but no less big and beautiful than the other 2.5 acres.

Eddie Murphy’s house (Youtube.it source screen) – Designmag.it

Will Smith very attached to his family, who by now make up virtually everything in the film world, the Prince of Bel Air has a very special and gigantic desert-style villa, in the hills of California, a truly sizable land of over 150 acres, just over one and a half square kilometers. With really anything inside.

Jessica Alba has a beautiful ebony home in the hills of Los Angeles. Bought for $10 million, it has a colonial feel, especially in the color scheme. More discreet and ordinary in its decor and style than other VIP houses, it seems very welcoming and familiar. In fact, the actress spends a lot of time with her children in a wonderful green courtyard with a swimming pool.

Jennifer Aniston The famous “Friends” actress also appears in this “ranking” single, having a 1960s pop-style house in the hills of Los Angeles. The villa is completely renovated and very tasteful, lots of light and great views of the city. Unique class and style. defined as “big hug”.

House of actor Will Smith (Youtube.it home screen) Designmag.it

Bruce Willis now he is sick and away from the stage, he has a huge and luxurious mansion worth 37 million dollars. Away from the stellar life on a Caribbean island almost completely on its own with 9 acres of land. A unique place with turquoise water and white sand, with a house right on the beach.

Mark Wahlberg he has a house that looks like a real palace of the Sun King, truly gigantic and luxurious. Bought now a few years ago for $14 million. The house really has everything, and above all a super-equipped gym, where the actor likes to spend time. 1.7 acre property with basketball and tennis courts, swimming pool and more. A private cinema, somewhat reminiscent of Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.

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