10 Most Helpful Tips for Getting Out of Touch This Holiday Season

Taking a break, resetting the gray matter, and changing routines are inherent in the concept of the holidays. Physical and mental fatigue accumulates throughout the year, and after the summer vacation, rest is needed to function at its best.

But not everyone understands; in Spain, a 28% of employees admit they can’t get away from work during the holidaysAccording to a study by a prominent labor consultant.

How do we distance ourselves from daily tasks or situations that keep us overwhelmed or unresolved for the rest of the year?It’s easy and quick to say, but it takes some work to implement Guidelines and willpower. Therefore, this Ten Commandments prepared by psychologist Florencia Poi, director of the Office of Educational Guidance at the University of Francisco Victoria, can be of great help.

Complete all homework before vacation

To avoid thinking about things that still have to be done, such as emails that haven’t been sent or calls to special clients, it’s best to decide before the holidaysyes everything is closed or directed. That way, the worries of ruining the tranquility of your vacation can be avoided.

no rush

The stress of work and the hectic pace of everyday life can make you forget that you can live without a schedule and traveling from place to place.During the holidays, it is recommended Spend all the time you need to complete tasks And say goodbye to rushing back to work.

Say goodbye to the digital world

A mobile phone, digital tablet, game console or computer can be used for entertainment, but technology is best forgotten.Other activities are just as fun, allowing Use your imagination, rest your mind, no batteries required.

enjoy the company of family and friends

People tend to spend more time with their loved ones during the holidays.It is recommended to use these days to enjoy their company, cultivate A sense of humor and avoid getting offended by mediocrity.

Kids Can Help You Disconnect

Just as much as you can enjoy it with your family, the holidays are also an ideal time to spend more time with your kids.his game and the way he sees life inspire creativity The old one, leaves you completely disconnected.

choose a quiet place

A town by the sea or an idyllic setting in the mountains are ideal for a getaway.selected location should inspire peace and tranquility In nature if possible.

The perfect moment to discover a book or series

Free time during holidays is ideal to learn about and enjoy the culture.a book reading on the beach The latest season of a hit show or movie is a great way to unwind.

go for a walk alone or with a group

Walking, whether alone or with company, is great physical activity that frees the mind from the worries of everyday life. Plus, if you’re near the ocean, a walk on the beach is especially relaxing and stimulates your circulatory system.

good rest is very important

Sleeping at night should be as carefree as possible to ensure a good rest, and it is worth taking a nap after meals to restore energy.

Return to normal life before going back to work

A few days before going back to work, it is advisable to return to old habits so that the changes are not as drastic. After this decompression period, it will be easier for you to throw yourself into your work life without any problems.

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