10 Reasons Why You Want a White Shirt

This wardrobe piece may suffer the same fate as many basic pieces: Its simplicity becomes a kind of boredom, and the piece is difficult to utilize. However, its potential is enormous and there are so many ways to wear it without getting bogged down in obvious looks. Here we show you some that can help awaken your creativity while you’re at it.

This basic piece comes in a variety of styles to better suit each style: wide neck, mannequin, fitted, oversized, short or extra long. Once you have a model you like, you can try out various techniques so you can find variations on it.

1- Minimalist like a Parisian girl: Pair it with a black mini skirt, or add some colorful accessories or an XL necklace

2- Be masculine: An oversized model with a tie is irresistible.

3- Sheer skirt: To remove the conservative side of the outfit, a sheer skirt is a good idea

4- Sparkle: Wearing white pajamas is one of the current trends. Sequined minis or sequined pants will bring an evening vibe to this tailor-friendly piece.

5- Denim: We know that when quality is the rule, this team can do no wrong. Well-cut jeans and a shirt that feels soft and drapes well is the perfect outfit, nothing else is needed.

6- Pair it with a trench coat: on cold or rainy days, the trench coat is an excellent ally and the combination of white and beige is one of the most elegant.

7- Top Matching: This is a trick we’ve seen a lot, but we can’t go wrong if we add a corset or top to a classic black skirt and white shirt outfit.

8. Pay homage to the 70s: Wear a “tip” collar shirt to get rid of the simple style of the usual white shirt. A black miniskirt is enough for a night out.

9. Matching sneakers: black pants, white shirts, and urban sneakers seem to be a new uniform for fashion girls to take off their sense of seriousness.

10-Pair it with a leather vest: If we were to give this classic a rock-and-roll vibe with a leather vest, the mix of textures would certainly elevate it.

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