10 Saddest TV Moments We Cried Over

The show, specially conceived by Charlie Brooker, touches on many topics that go beyond simple shock and amazement.

Black mirror is one of the TV series that has really been able to succeed over the past few years, offering a formula that has received wide acclaim from the public. A performance in great detail Charlie Brooker (Dead Set, Cunk on Earth) For Endemol Shine Group, with an anthological formula, always offers different episodes, usually associated with one glue or technology and progress, seen as the enemies of humanity, capable not so much of improving people as of overthrowing them with cruelty. Over the course of the various seasons (so far 6 in succession from 2011 to 2023) we have seen the most apocalyptic and disturbing scenarios in which we could really converge, but not only.

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Black mirror - cinematography

Black mirrorIndeed, under its layer of psychological thriller mixed with science fiction, in reality, with its especially bold and frightening reflections, it often takes us to other worlds, forcing us to think, in particular, about such elements as death, loss and pain, all ideas which inevitably affect the audience, plunging them into a state of deep sadness. Precisely tying into this very difficult topic, let’s discover the 10 saddest moments of the work, and also remind you that the 6th season has arrived. Netflix Exactly June 15, 2023.

10. 15 million celebrities – Season 1, Episode 2 Black mirror

15 Million Celebrities - Cinematography

15 million celebrities especially sees the main character bing (who has a face Daniel Kaluuya) who lives in a world where he and many others ride bicycles to generate electricity by collecting merit, which is the de facto currency in that society. Everything changes when he meets Abi (who has a face Jessica Brown Findlay) with whom he wants to share everything. It’s all very sad: a dark world where the only way to get noticed is to become famous, and even when you think you’ll reach the top, you’re forced to do things you don’t want to do in order to survive.

9. Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too – Season 5, Episode 3

Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too - cinematography

IN Rachel, Jack and Ashley Tu, especially found in the 3rd episode of the 5th season Black mirror, the main character is a famous artist Miley Cyrus the epitome of a famous pop star, Ashley Oh. After a drug overdose, the star falls into a coma and her consciousness awakens in one of the dolls that look like her. The most dramatic moment is when she wakes up from her coma and feels bound and oppressed, with a life in a cage at the expense of her producer aunt, who does not allow her to have even a minimal margin from the income from her music.

8. men and fire – Season 3, Episode 5

Black mirror - cinematography

men and fire plays a lot on the conflict between reality and simulation, showing a soldier stripes (especially embodied Malachi Kirby), who, together with the army, hunt mysterious cockroaches that look like humanoid creatures. The big plot twist is that these cockroaches are actually humans in disguise and therefore the entire military takes responsibility for the mass genocide without any mercy.

7. loch henry – Season 6, Episode 2 Black mirror

Loch Henry - Cinematography

IN loch henrywhich is part of season 6 Black mirror, central characters – two film students Pious (Miha’la Herrold) and her boyfriend Davis (Samuel Blenkin) are planning to shoot in one of the cities in Scotland for the project. However, unfortunately, there is a serial killer on the loose in this country who is actually Davis’ mother, who ends up killing Pia as well. Davis’ semi-tragic solemn expression at the end of the episode is certainly a very sad element.

6. Overseas – Season 6, Episode 3

Beyond the Sea - Cinematography

Let’s talk about season 6 of the show again, this time summing it up. Overseas, which reimagines the glorious 1969, the year of the moon landing. The main characters are astronauts. Cliff (Aaron Paul) AND David (Josh Hartnett) who physically live on a spacecraft but can transfer their consciousness to Earth when they choose to live with their families. Everyone gets upset when Cliff loses his family because they consider his artificial body an abomination, and everything degenerates when David, assigned to Cliff’s artificial body, kills his colleague’s family because they wouldn’t let him return to his body.

5. Ruins – Season 5, Episode 2 Black mirror

Smitherins - Cinematography

Ruinscontained in Season 5 Black mirrorsees the bus driver in the center of the story Chris Gillhaney (who has a face Andrew Scott), which brings an employee of the company Smitherin Jayden, oblivious to the fact that he is a trainee. At this point, Chris takes him hostage for wanting to talk to the CEO of the company as he killed his girlfriend because of this social network. The moment of recognition of the protagonist is truly embarrassing and full of pain.

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4. come back to me – Season 2, Episode 1

Black mirror - cinematography

“Come back to me” – one of the first episodes Black mirror Where Martha (Hayley Atwell) lost her boyfriend, Ash (Donal Gleason) as a result of a car accident. Devastated by mourning, a young woman joins an experimental program that allows her to talk on the phone with her boyfriend until an artificial clone of him is brought home. The saddest thing about this episode is that Martha knows very well that Ash is dead and that he won’t be able to return, but this simulation is still a relief in the face of the deep pain she goes through every day.

3. San Junipero – Season 3, Episode 4

San Junipero - Cinematographer

San Juniperoaccording to many critics and viewers, is one of the most popular episodes of Black Mirror, where we talk about a virtual otherworldly, San Junipero, where you can live together for eternity. However, unfortunately, not everyone agrees with this tool: if so Kelly (Gugu Mbatha Row) thinks spending time with his love is a bad idea yorkie (Mackenzie Davis), the latter does not want to lose him, but understands that this is a pipe dream of San Junipero.

2. Black Museum – Season 4, Episode 6

Black Museum - Cinematography

Black Museum it’s definitely a very dark part in itself, in which the narrative is at the center finish (Letitia Wright) who wants to visit the mysterious Black Museum in a remote location. This is a place where little-known artifacts are kept, including a hologram of a person sentenced to death, such Clayton (Babs Olusanmokun), which can be endlessly watched by death, simulating its execution. The most sadistic part is that most of the museum goers were violent, willing to see Clayton die multiple times, and the most dramatic part is that the man could actually be innocent.

1. White Christmas – Season 2, Episode 4 is the saddest part Black mirror

Black mirror - cinematography

Let’s go back to the classics Black mirrorthat is the episode White Christmas following two men Joe (Rafe Spall) AND Matt (Jon Hammwho share their stories. Joe, in particular, killed his father in front of the frightened look of his daughter, who witnessed this scene and for this reason died, going into the snow in search of help on Christmas night. A terrible scenario when you think that the girl was all alone with no one.

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