10 sensual perfumes with musky, clean scents that few women wear (and a powdery feel)

If you like soft and elegant perfumes, we encourage you to try perfumes with musk in the core.he MuskKnown for its sensuality and sophistication, it has been an essential note in perfumery for centuries and one of the best secrets for Arab women to stay scented.In this article we share with you 10 sweet, powdery women’s fragrances that stand out for their clever use of musk. Discover them!

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What is musk? Where can I get it?

Musk is a natural or synthetic substance used in perfumery to create perfumes with a warm, sensual and long-lasting aroma.. Historically, musk was obtained from the secretory glands of certain animals, such as musk deer, Siberian musk, etc. These glands produce a waxy aromatic substance that is collected and used in perfumery.

Over time, harvesting natural musk from animals has become controversial due to environmental and ethical concerns. It has been banned in many countries and perfumers have developed synthetic musk to imitate the smell of natural musk in an ethical and sustainable way.

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