10 songs that help you study and the ones that bother you

Listen to music This can prove to be a great way to focus on work, while studying or completing other daily tasks. True, but not always.

10 songs that help you study and the ones that bother you

especially because Not all songs are suitable for increasing efficiency and productivity, This is proved by the study done by business name generatorwhich identified which songs corresponded to the best and worst results in terms of concentration.

Memories by Maroon 5 is the best song to listen to while studying

The participants in the experiment were asked to carry out a written assignment, listening to some songs as background music, At the end of the assignment, they were evaluated on three parameters: number of words produced per minute, percentage of accuracy, and time spent. Curious about results?

Listening to music has been proven to be a great way to concentrate while working, studying or completing daily tasks. However, sometimes, there is a risk that you get carried away with the notes and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the harmony, and do not pay attention to the work you are completing.

Maroon 5’s “Memories” Is the Best Song to Listen to During a Workout, With a total of 91 keystrokes per minute, she has been shown to make a significant and positive contribution to completing work assignments, achieving the highest average accuracy score (96%) and achieving a leaderboard best result with an average of 67 words per minute and a time of 3 minutes and 47 seconds to complete the assignment.

in the second place Lewis Capaldi’s “Before You Go”With an average completion time of 4 minutes and 8 seconds and an accuracy rate of 97%. Ed Sheeran’s song, “Bad Habits”, is in third place.With 126 strokes per minute, an average time of 3 minutes 55 seconds to complete the assignment, and an average output of 64 words.

The ranking of the top ten songs is as follows:

  • 1. Memories, Maroon 5
  • 2. Before You Go, Lewis Capaldi
  • 3. Bad Habits, Ed Sheeran
  • 4. Let it go, traveler
  • 5. Ghost, Justin Bieber
  • 6. Young Wannabe, Nuclear Strategic Penguin
  • 7. Shivers, Ed Sheeran
  • 8. Don’t Start Now, Dua Lipa
  • 9. Sunshine, OneRepublic
  • 10. Take You Dancing, Jason Derulo

Not all songs are good for productivity

But, as mentioned, not all routes are suitable for maintaining maximum concentration. Negative primacy goes to “Begin” by Meneskin, which proved to be the most distracting song during work. With a total of 134 keystrokes per minute, they were very constrained in the work assignment, recording the lowest result at just 46 words per minute, taking an average of just over 5 minutes (5:28) to complete the assignment, and achieving a 95% accuracy rate.

Tiësto’s “The Business” follows, with 120 beats per minute, ranks second among work-interrupting songs. It took participants approximately 5 minutes to complete the task while listening to this song and had one of the lowest accuracy scores at 94%. In third place is Lewis Capaldi’s poignant “Someone You Loved”., with 110 beats per minute. The dynamic nature of the song seemed to tire the participants, who took an average of 5 minutes and 11 seconds to complete the task.

But it is also true that if there is work then there is work. Although some songs may be inappropriate for listening to maintain concentration, they may be perfect in other contexts, such as a morning workout, relaxing moments at the end of the day, or daily chores.

Does Music Really Make You More Productive?

The final phase of the experiment conducted by the Business Name Generator, it may be said, was that of a more general evaluation. In addition to analyzing the productivity effects of the most popular songs, The effects of the most popular songs in the “Focus” category on Spotify were also examined.,

The results of the experiment showed that participants completed the task in an average of 4 minutes and 29 seconds, generating 57 words per minute with a 96% accuracy rate. by comparison, Those who completed the task without background music took 22 seconds longer to complete the taskTyping more slowly, with an average of 53 words per minute and an accuracy rate of 96%.

So, these data seem to indicate that music, specifically in the “Focus” category on Spotify, This can really have a positive effect on productivity and concentration while working.Helping participants complete tasks faster and more accurately.

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