10 Songs With Summer Music Videos Set At The Beach

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Big desire for the beach and the ocean? Now summer is here and with it comes the desire for sea and beach.
the sea has always been One of artists favorite locations for their music videos And that’s why, considering the late summer season, it seems like the best time for us to provide you with a list exclusively dedicated to Some videos are mainly set on the beach.

The waves crashing on the rocks, the white sand and the sunset over the sea are the perfect setting to dance and re-dance to the fresh summer uptempo, and more romantic and intense songs.
There are many songs that are right for us, Enjoy the breathtaking views featured in our list and the following video clips

here you are 10 beach videos and songs set on beaches most beautiful in the world

Stay the Night – James Blunt

Let’s start with English singer-songwriter James Blunt’s 2010 song, the first single. some kind of trouble: stay the night.
The title itself is enough to bring the tune back to mind, as in Italy the piece became one of the catchphrases of the late 2010s and remained present on the radio for the following year, especially in the summer.

stay the night “Bonfire by the Sea” has a distinctive uptempo pop, a fresh and carefree production that is able to fully engage the audience as it communicates joy and good humour. Today, even six years later, he is often heard around. The video fits perfectly with the theme of our list.
The clip is shot at one of the most famous places in California, Malibu beach. James Blunt and his guitar narrate a typical day at the beach, while a series of fun scenes including surfing and group toasts pass behind them. The perfect example of “holiday mood”.

If this is the love you want – Rihanna

Rihanna was a fresh start in 2005 and perhaps she never could have imagined that 11 years later she would find herself one of the richest and most famous pop stars in the world.
their first album music of the Sun It was inspired by the success of the lead single pon the replay Whereas If it’s like what you want, The second part, it went unnoticed in most of the charts.

The song is a midtempo R&B with Caribbean and sensual sounds; It couldn’t be better represented through a video set in the beautiful beaches of Malibu overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
The clip begins with a very young Rihanna in a swimsuit dancing and singing by the sea; We then see him having fun on a water scooter and dancing again with some of the girls until dusk and the beach is lit up with many torches. It seems like an eternity to see her again today.

More Than Friends – Inna

Romanian singer Inna knows what it means to make people dance and this song proves it.
more than friends 2013 single (from album) party never ends) which had great success in some European countries (Spain and Poland in primacy) and even in Argentina.

It’s an uptempo that blends dance sounds with Latin rhythms, creating a catchy and catchy whole at just the right points, without being overwhelming.
There couldn’t be a more perfect video for summer. We see the girl having fun with her friends on the beach. From the beach you go to the swimming pool but the purpose is the same: to have fun.
A touch of romance in the finale, where we find Inna enjoying a wonderful sunset hand in hand with a boy.

it hurts to live

There is a decisive change in register here stylistically. Live This is a song I particularly like, one of the highest peaks of the Hearts discography. It was released in 2010 as the third part of their debut album, HappinessBut it is inexplicable that it failed to be a success in its homeland as well, peaking at number 50. Official Singles Chart.

We are faced with a synthpop ballad that explodes in a magical and forceful fashion full of power and emotion. The tone changes and so does the type of beach.
No longer California-style beaches, but an equally amazing Icelandic beach, characterized by high and steep cliffs overlooking the sea.
The colors and cool weather represent the focus of the song: the end of a love story. In this case, the protagonists of the story are Theo Hutchcraft, lead singer of Hearts, and a model, who together try to recover from the end of their relationship.
The Icelandic coastline is a perfect fit for these heartwarming scenes.

bump into – leona lewis

Let’s go back to brighter tones with one of Leona Lewis’ rare dance interpretations. Collide was initially intended to be the lead single of the X-Factor winner’s third recording era; It ended up being a simple single by itself and is remembered more for the legal disputes involved than for the music itself. The singer went into a style that’s not really hers.

beyond the quality of collides, The fate of the song was marked by controversy raised shortly after the premiere, as the piece contained an unauthorized sample. the Penguin, Production by the then little-known Avicii. The DJ accused the artist of plagiarism, and even before the case reached court, Syco (Leona’s record company) decided to publish hit as a feature between Leona Lewis and Avicii.
This video concerns us deeply because it was once again filmed in Malibu. Leona finds herself singing on the beach with a group of friends. Between one swim and another, the day passes quickly and the fun at the beach continues all night.

Glitterball – Sigma feat. Ella Henderson

The X-Factor UK has produced a lot of talent from the first edition to the present day; Among these, the one who is really very worthy is Ella Henderson.
Last year the young lady lent her powerful voice to Sigma and together they created a mesmerizing uptempo shiny balls, Included in the first album of two DJs, life.

glowing balls It is a fresh, danceable and cleverly edgy rendition, in short, a perfect mix for the summer season.
The video clip could only be shot on the beach and in fact the director decided to shoot in Ibiza, one of the European islands.
Ibiza is synonymous with the sea, the beach and lots of fun, 3 ingredients that best sum up the following music video.

Sometimes – Britney Spears

it was 1999 when it came out Sometimes And a very young Britney Spears had recently entered the musical Olympus.
A lot of difficulties had to be faced in making this song a tremendous hit. …baby One More Time And, although it did not quite achieve the above results, it proved to be quite successful.

Sometimes A midtempo teenpop with soft and melodic vocals, it’s easy to understand that the main theme is love.
The video has been shot at… guess where? Apparently in Malibu, specifically in Paradise Cove Beach.
We initially see Spears walking in the garden of a house by the sea, looking at a spyglass, from which she sees a boy (apparently her love interest) playing in the sand with his dog.
Memorable are the choreography scenes that Britney and the dancers stage on the pier, all dressed in pure white and surrounded by a crystal clear blue sky, creating an almost heavenly effect.
At the end of the video, the pop star watches the boy walk to the beach, then turns around and walks back home dejected.

i’m into you – jennifer lopez

Jennifer Lopez’s career is full of successes in every field. Musically, one of his last biggest hits was on the floor, Famous hit in collaboration with Pitbull.
from the same album, Dear?was released as the second single i’m into you (feat. Lil’ Wayne), a midtempo dance pop with Caribbean influences, perfect for warm weather.

The text talks about love, attraction and emotion and is perfectly presented by an erotic video directed by renowned director Melina Matsoukas.
Filming took place in Mexico amid the white beaches and epic Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza.
J-Lo looks super sexy as ever and her partner, Cuban model William Levy is no different. Mexican beaches, which we see first in color and then in black and white, are the perfect, romantic setting for I’m in you

Cherish – Madonna

Let’s go back 27 years and revisit a video “like a Prayer – Era, Madonna’s.
Although it is not one of his most famous hits, Feel good It was one of Madge’s many hits, becoming her 16th consecutive single to reach the top 5 on the Billboard Hot 10, an all-time record for the chart.

It is a midtempo pop ballad based on the theme of love and devotion; takes as its main motif one of the most famous romantic tragedies of all time, Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.
The music video is very simple yet effective and matches perfectly with the theme of our catalogue.

The clip, shot entirely in black and white, takes place on the beach at Paradise Cove in Malibu and was filmed in the middle of winter. The scenes feature Madonna playing herself and being joined by four other actors swimming in the sea dressed as newts (one of them is Tony Ward, the diva’s ex-boyfriend).
Directed by photographer Herb Ritts, the video was at the center of several controversies due to alleged sexual references involving Triton’s role as an ambiguous creature and object of desire in the symbiosis.

genie in a bottle – christina aguilera

We end with the first single from one of the most talented artists of the new millennium, Christina Aguilera.

Genie in a Bottle Released in June 1999, topped the Hot 100 for 5 consecutive weeks and continues to be one of Xtina’s biggest hits today, Despite the commercial results, the song caused a lot of buzz due to a text that many believed was too bold and explicit for Aguilera (then 19 years old) and her young fans, who knew her from the film’s soundtrack. . d disney animation mulan,

For this reason a “softer” version dedicated to some “sensitive” markets was recorded, censoring verses that were considered too risky (for example “you gotta rub me the right way“became”you gotta treat me right,
In the video we see Malibu Beach once again in a phenomenal nighttime look.
Christina sings and dances with a crew of boys; It all ends with a bonfire by the sea, in which the girl and her lover finally come closer.

As we have already said, there are a lot of songs set on the beach, maybe we will propose you others in a possible second part. If yes, what do you think?

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