10 steps to teach you how to save electricity at home

Household electricity use in Ecuador has soared 10% through 2023, but there are ways to conserve electricity during times of heat and climate change.

when Turn on the air con and “imaginatively” open the window his team cried because you have to double work Cool down, and you’ll use more power than usual, sending your wages skyrocketing.

This happens because these already energy-intensive devices require Cool in an enclosed space And there are no leaks, and no leaks when reporting high temperatures.

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This year, the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (Inamhi) predicts record temperature This number will continue to increase in the country due to the upcoming El NiƱo.

In the heat wave sweeping the world, Household consumption it has been 10% field goal percentage The National Electricity Company (CNEL EP) is responsible for maintenance from January to May.

For this reason, you also feel that the electricity bill is too much, but There are tricks to reduce Consumption and wage values.

Put these steps into practice and give your pockets and the planet a rest thanks to low energy consumption Reduce production of fossil fuelsResponsible for carbon emissions.

10 Steps to Green Safety

Lifestyle and habits are decisive for limiting energy expenditure.These are from CNEL EP technician and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

  • Check internal electrical installations

    10 steps to teach you how to save electricity at home

    In July 2023, two CNEL technicians solve the problem in Guayas. CNEL EP

    This review must be completed by a professional technician or engineer and must include grounded socketto confirm that there are no internal leaks.

    Consumption that may result from leaks does not necessarily come from certain devices, but rather from a “wasted” energy and recorded in the meter.

  • 10 steps to teach you how to save electricity at home

    reference picture. One person turns on the air conditioner. Excerpt from CNET

    To use the air conditioner effectively, the tolerable temperature of the environment should be within 23 degrees and 24 degrees Celsius

    Also, remember keep doors and windows closed when you turn on your device.

  • To avoid device and fan overload, it is ideal to Open a single device immediately.

    That is, if you turn on the air conditioner, Do not run the washer or dryer,vice versa. Both of these devices consume a lot of power.

  • Most modern air conditioners have a sleep function Or turn off automatically during sleep time.

    this function change temperature so that it can work for a few hours and then shut down at the scheduled time.

  • A poorly closed refrigerator This is another household appliance that consumes too much electricity.

    Check that the refrigerator is tightly closed and The rubber on the frame is tight. Also, avoid turning your computer on and off continuously.

  • 10 steps to teach you how to save electricity at home

    reference picture. A washing machine. Excerpt from WWF

    One saving trick is to use the washing machine with all the people fully loadedand preferably, wash at nightwhen household consumption decreases.

    Try not to run the washer and dryer at the same time.

  • Disconnect the device from the charger

    so they are closed Household appliances connected to current can Use up to 10% of normal dosage According to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), the project is in operation.

    This advice applies to mobile phones, laptops, and other devices.

    Unplug when not in use Or go to sleep and you not only save energy but also extend the life of your device.

    and always, Unplug the charger from the outlet Once loaded, the device can be removed from the wall.

  • Just the light you need

    10 steps to teach you how to save electricity at home

    reference picture. A person puts an energy-saving light bulb into a lamp. Excerpt from WWF

    Turn on only the lights you need in your room or environment during the day Keep the bulb off.

    In addition, clean and fix broken lightso you can save up to 20% on power consumption.

  • this light bulb Six to seven times less consumption WWF says it’s more durable and lasts longer than traditional methods.

    Homes using this lighting save 80% of the total energy.

  • he heater the water is A third team makes a request Larger amount vitality At home, after heating and using the air conditioner in cold climates.

    Therefore, it is best to opt for short showers, five to ten minutesturn off the heater when not in use.

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