10 things to know before watching a movie

Christopher Nolan’s New Film In 10 Curiosities And Details You (Maybe) Don’t Know

Oppenheimer is finally about to hit theaters, and the hype around Christopher Nolan’s latest epic is more than justified. One of the most influential directors on the contemporary scene and a cast with some of the most impressive stars in recent memory for a film that promises viewers that once it leaves the cinema, it will never be the same again. Between the trailers and the recently released breathtaking film, The Discovery is more than enough to come into theaters with a very high dose of expectations. But if you want to know more and get as much information as possible in the cinema, here is the list 10 things to know before watching a movie.

Oppenheimer Christopher Nolan review

Oppenheimer. Atlas Entertainment, Syncopy, Universal Pictures

The work on which Oppenheimer is based won a Pulitzer Prize.

Christopher Nolan’s latest film is based on a monumental biography Oppenheimer – The Triumph and Fall of the Inventor of the Atomic Bomb. A very detailed work between personal life and career as a theoretical physicist, which he requested from the authors. Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin 25 years of work. In 2006, the parable of the modern Prometheus, considered the father of the atomic bomb, won the Pulitzer Prize.

It is Christopher Nolan’s longest film and also the first R-rated film since Insomnia.

Oppenheimer is the first biopic signed by a British director, and also the first film in his filmography to be rated R from the time of Insomnia (2002). The American Motion Picture Association gave the film Rated PG-17 for sex scenes, nudity and profanity. Even the playback time is record: 180 minutes from which they make Oppenheimer Nolan’s longest film (previous record holder was Interstellarduration 2 hours 49 minutes).

The film does not use computer graphics.

That Christopher Nolan is a lover of cinematic realism is certainly not a mystery, and in the film that tells the story of the creation of the first atomic bomb, the British director decided not to resort to computer graphics. For weeks, ironic rumors have circulated online that Nolan even detonated a real atomic bomb to recreate the famous Trinity test. Of course, nothing like this happened, but the work done to recreate the explosion that occurred during the test was the result of complex “hand” work. (find full explanation here).

oppenheimer trailer

Oppenheimer. Syncopy Films, Atlas Entertainment

Use of black and white and color

As we saw in the trailers, Oppenheimer There is alternating black and white and color scenes and this choice has a precise meaning. Nolan wrote the script for the film in first person, which is pretty unusual in itself. The narrative moves between two floors, subjective level and different purpose, and this dichotomy also shows up in the choice of photography. Black and white scenes represent objectivity (Story), while color scenes are subjective, told from the protagonist’s point of view.

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You will need to choose a good seat in the hall (and Christopher Nolan has the perfect indication)

Choosing a good seat when you go to the movies is very important, even if you don’t pay much attention to it often. For Oppenheimer a more informed choice will need to be made, and it is Christopher Nolan who offers the perfect dining spot. In the video I share with Now it’s the director gives precise instructions to follow before buying a ticket: “I prefer a central location, about three-quarters of the way down from the top. Thus, you are directly above the center line in height. The viewpoint is great and the sound, especially the bass, is enveloping.”.

“I became Death, the destroyer of worlds”

When observing the first explosion of a nuclear device during the Trinity test on July 16, 1945, J. Robert Oppenheimer was referring to a passage from Hindu scriptures: “I became Death, the destroyer of worlds”. This is a quote from the most famous verse Bhagavad Gita, a sacred text among the most common among Hindu believers. Although the physicist was never a follower of this credo, he was fascinated by it during his studies at Harvard. The quotation in question appears in verse 32 of the sacred text in a dialogue between Krishna and the warrior prince Arjuna, in which God reminds the soldier of his duty to fight.

Some of the actors didn’t know what character they would play in Oppenheimer.

Christopher Nolan himself spoke about this in an interview. Some actors didn’t know which role they would be given until their respective engagement contracts were closed.. In addition to starring Cillian Murphy, Oppenheimer’s cast includes a veritable parade of Hollywood stars including Emily Blunt, Robert Downey Jr., Florence Pugh, Matt Damon, Casey Affleck and Gary Oldman.

Matt Damon Oppenheimer

Oppenheimer. Syncopy Films, Atlas Entertainment

Cillian Murphy’s intensive preparation for the lead role

For Cillian Murphy, becoming an Oppenheimer was certainly not an easy task. Murphy read and assimilated the monumental biography of Byrd and Sherwin, of which the film is adapted, and devoted himself to the study of the Bhagavad Gita. Not only did co-stars Emily Blunt and Matt Damon also confirm during the film’s promotion ahead of the cast strike, Murphy went so far as to skip several meals and smoke fake cigarettes to emulate the habits of a theoretical physicist.. Moreover, over a long period of time did very little, limiting social interactions to a minimum.

Robert Pattinson “contributed” to the birth of the film

If Christopher Nolan decided to dedicate the film to J. Robert Oppenheimer, it is also thanks to Robert Pattison which, he says throughat the end of filming the keeper gave the director a collection of the physicist’s speeches after Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Nolan was fascinated by these speeches, their meaning and the person who gave them, and he thought it would be interesting for viewers to experience what the scientist felt in those moments.

Oppenheimer’s actors lived together in New Mexico.

If the scientists who worked on the Manhattan Project moved to Los Alamos to work on the atomic bomb, Oppenheimer created their own small community by staying together in a hotel in New Mexico during filming. Emily Blunt described the experience as similar to the experience “summer camp”while Cillian Murphy was unable to participate in many moments of relaxation with colleagues due to the enormous pressure associated with having to play the main role.

Oppenheimer's review

Oppenheimer. Atlas Entertainment, Syncopy, Universal Pictures

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