10 TikTok Accounts to Find a Job

Tik Tok It is a social network of young people’s activities, including dances, challenges, monologues, songs, etc. in the same space.It’s a fully scaled network with millions of profiles and Thanks to this algorithm, anyone can go viral. become famous depends on luck And maybe a little magic. When you upload a video to TikTok, the network shows it to a certain number of people, and if that group interacts with the video by liking it, commenting on it, or forwarding it to a friend, Tiktok puts that video on Show the video to more people, and wait until it’s done. Go viral.It’s all about algorithms and chance, there’s no exact key to fame, that’s what originality prevails first.

More content, more profiles, more users, Therefore, originality is crucial to stand out. Content includes humorous profiles with their stories, jokes, monologues, etc.; fashion profiles, where you can find promotional “bargains” or the latest models from new collections, Professional Profile Like licensed psychologists, even profiles of people like you and me, thanks to the network, they provide an outlet to express and voice their opinions.

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We’ll focus on one specific type of configuration file. Tiktok is a social network with over 3.5 billion downloadse has become a job-seeking platform. As you can hear, this network is a whole world, who knows, maybe you can find your dream job Just swipe the video. We’ll show you 10 Tiktok accounts where you can find tips for accommodating you in interviews, how to write an impressive resume in order to get hired, and even “tips” for avoiding nerves with your future boss.

1. Attend an interview

Human Resources Café (@uncafeconrrh) teaches you to answer typical questions like: “Which aspects of yourself would you emphasize?” or “Where do you see yourself in five years?”

2. Irresistible shape

CVUP Girl (@quierocvup) Learn all the LinkedIn tricks to improve your profile. They can also help you find difficult job openings, identify fraudulent job offers, and bypass filters from pre-hiring bots. Yes, the latter exist and you can bypass them.

3. Don’t be fooled

Un Tío Legal (@laboral_tips), the attorney who manages the account, will provide you with tools to help you understand how to act in the event of unfair dismissal, what types of compensation you are entitled to and what you must be aware of before signing a contract.

4. Have psychological hints

Sandra Parmo (@sandraparmo) talks about imposter syndrome, how to manage insecurities or stand up for your rights if you’re a scholarship recipient…all for your mental health.

5. Solve your doubts

The Mejora Tu Exito Laboral account (@mejoratuexitolaboral) answers questions from real people and presents the perfect balance between human resources and coaching. If you follow her, she’ll send you videos to motivate you.

6. With newbies

If you know English, at Flo.Create (@flo.create_) you’ll learn how to land a great job and write a strong resume even if you don’t have a professional background.

7. 100% professional

On LinkedIN (@linkedin), they cover news from the web (helpful to know if you’re trying to optimize your appearance in search), and also share videos and tips from professionals in your company’s HR department.

8. For creators 3.0

If you’re a community manager or want to throw yourself into it, follow Marianela Sandovares (@marianelasandovares) as she keeps up with updates on all social networks.

9. Labor Dictionary

If what you’ve read about rising rates of self-employment, inflation, and aid for young people has you wondering, then you’ll love Legal Tips (@lawtips). Provide advice and report assistance for different work situations.

10. For the adventurous

The European Language Jobs account (@europelanguagejobs) shares job opportunities in Europe for speakers of different languages, without a specific specialty. An easier way to continue Erasmus and, moreover, get paid.

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