10 tiktokers that have grown the most in 2023

TikTok no doubt now reference social network around the world, with millions and millions of views every day, influencers more and more famous, clips that are becoming popular for subsequent publication in other social networks, trial (almost always) fun and endless hours spent in the application young people and other young people.

tiktok celebrity now they’re stars of the real world, with millionaire signatures companies seeking to use them as celebrity endorsement for your advertising campaigns. They won’t be as famous (yet) as the stars Hollywood but tiktokers have now achieved real fame, selfie on the street and long lines of fans at events.

2023 it was and most likely will be a year rise for TikTok and hence for its super vip users, let’s find out who occupies the numbers ratings of the most popular, the tiktoker that I am matured more this year and whose rise seems – at least for now – endless.

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The podium of the most popular and popular tiktokers in 2023

In the first place is Italianprotagonist of global social networks: famous Xabi Lame. Your account tik tak it is followed by over 160 million subscribers with a rise in popularity that outstrips the competition. Boy Italian Senegalese he started posting his funny videos during the pandemic and hasn’t stopped since. Not only, Khabi also started cooperation with famous brands such as Hugo Boss, Xbox, Netflix and Amazon Prime, as well as celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin.

In second place in this special classification we find Charlie D’Amelioreal Tiktok star and one who, without a doubt, contributed to the success of the social platform worldwide. With more than 150 million subscribers is undoubtedly a TikTok icon. Her simple and cheerful ballets made her famous, with millions of spectators. followers who are trying to replicate them.

In third place is Bella PorchFilipino-American with over 92 million followers, who became famous on tik tak thanks to her “M to the B” lip by Millie B-syncvideo and her amazing and funny facial expressions. There are countless in his profile and he is very popular lip sync videoballet, fashion and anime.

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The rest of the most grown TikTok rankings in 2023

In fourth place in the ranking of the most popular tiktokers of 2023 is Addison Ray Easterling. Nearly ninety million subscribers and a steady increase in subscribers throughout this year. former dancera has now fallen in love with millions of accounts. Fifth place in the standings mr beasta very famous youtuber who also got on tik tak with his videos in which he creates extravagant challenges and gives gifts to the lucky ones followers huge sums of money and huge prizes. Sixth place for “Wizard of TikTok” ZakKing which entertains its nearly 80 million followers on the social platform with optical illusions and amazing videos.

In seventh place rating of the most popular tiktokers and who have grown the most 2023 there is a real celebrity: Hollywood actor Will Smith. It was followed by almost 74 million accounts of the American star. social platform comic scenes and his daily life. Eighth place for very popular Kimberly Loaiza. He comes from like Mrbeast YouTube and his profile in Spanish is the most popular among non-English speakers with almost 73 million subscribers and a steady rise in fame and views.

Addison Ray, Justin Greenberg (New York – May 24, 2023, WavyPeter / SplashNews.com / ipa-agency.net)

Penultimate place in this special ranking for Burak Ozdemir, the most famous chef on TikTok. His cznburak account is followed by almost 70 million subscribers who are always in love with his image. fun talk about the kitchen. Another Hollywood star closes the rating: Rockprotagonist of many successful films, and now also successful tiktoker with his clips with motivational tips and for physical and mental well-being.

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