10 tips and tricks to avoid snoring

this snoring Sound produced when air passes through the upper airways and vibrates the soft tissues of the upper airways during sleep throathe palate and language. Mild or strong, occasional or habitual, the truth is they can be extremely annoying, especially to your sleeping partner.

They affect both men and women, although they are more common in both men and women. elder.The root cause of snoring can come from nasal congestion, being overweight, drinking alcohol, smoking, gastroesophageal reflux, sleeping position, or the anatomy of the mouth and throat.here you have Ten tips to avoid them.

Stay away from muscle relaxants

Don’t take relaxing medications at night muscle Helps stop snoring. Maintaining a healthy weight and general body size is also important. sleep hygiene.

People who sleep with their phones/PEXELS

It would be better if you don’t eat it No drinking or smoking.If necessary, take a good option specific treatment Nasal congestion.

The importance of sleeping position

The position a person adopts while sleeping can also affect snoring.It will always be more beneficial whenever you sleep Lie on your side or raise your head.It can perform two types of operations treat: One person learns to sleep on his side, the other learns to sleep on his side build muscle Responsible for maintaining open airways.If a patient develops apnea pauses during sleep, one of the treatments is continuous positive pressure ventilation. According to Cuidateplus, this is a mask that provides continuous positive air pressure to the upper airway to prevent collapse.

a correct Orthopedics and Orthodontics It promotes the correct development of the jaw bones from an early age.Go to oral device or to a specific surgery Depending on the situation, this might be another tip. Finally, implement it in conjunction with the previous measures.No matter what, the best is always turn to experts.

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