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The S23 brings a host of features to make it your best off-road ally

The Galaxy S23 series has been with us since February of this year. Its more comfortable design, screen and 200mpx camera (in its Ultra demo) make it an ideal smartphone for everyday use. Here, we show you 10 tricks you probably didn’t know about getting the most out of Samsung’s new flagship phone.

eye comfort shield

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s screen is worth seeing and believing. The 6.8-inch size lets you see more in the palm of your hand anytime. To protect you from staring at the screen for long periods of time, Samsung has included the Eye Comfort Shield, which allows you to set the amount of blue light emitted by the screen to minimize the impact on your visual health. Plus, you can program it to change automatically throughout the day, depending on the time of day and the brightness of your environment.

Choose your own audio output

Speakers, Galaxy Buds, or your smartphone’s speaker? The Samsung Galaxy S23 now has a dedicated menu to choose which channel the device’s sound will go through, without having to go into your favorite music app.just the touch of a button media output When in Control Center, a window will appear where you can choose between the available options. Additionally, this option allows you to choose which app sends its sound to which device (for example, you can listen to music using the speakers or the Galaxy Buds, and choose apps like WhatsApp to have their audio come out of your phone’s speakers). This is a very quick process, ideal for moving from one environment to another.

A lock screen comparable to a movie theater

With Samsung’s customizer One UI option, you can use a video or animated GIF as your lock screen background. Your smartphone will always be ready when you need it.via the menu lock screen, you can choose the screen design you want from several preselected designs and colours, though the Videos folder in the gallery gives you access to all compatible videos or GIFs when you close the phone. You’ll see this video every time your phone’s screen is locked and turned on.

Write faster with the S-PEN

Now, the S-pen is more comfortable and flexible to write on the S23 Ultra without touching the screen, changing keyboards or wasting a second. The default is to use the Samsung keyboard. When you unfold it to write in a text box (such as a WhatsApp chat), you’ll see a zigzag icon when you hold the S Pen tip close to the screen. This means you can handwrite directly on the drawing. Start tracing letters like you would on paper so Samsung detects the words and transcribes them directly. It’s faster and more convenient than switching keyboards when you already have an S Pen. When you first discover it, you won’t stop taking advantage of it.

Move apps in a group from one screen to another

Now you’ll be able to rearrange apps on your screen in a faster, easier and more efficient way, saving time that might have been duplicated before. The first thing you have to do is long press the icon of one of the apps you want to move. In the popup menu that appeared, I selected the “Select” option. This way, you can tag not only that app, but other apps on your desktop to move them into a group all at once. Once you’ve selected everything you need to move, go to the desktop you want to move them to. There, long press and watch them all respond simultaneously. Afterwards, you can rearrange them anywhere within the table.

Floating keyboard: The best way to type with one hand

Samsung keyboards have some extra built-in features. One of them is the ability to undock the keyboard from the bottom of the screen and switch to floating keyboard mode. With this method, you’ll be able to type with your thumb while holding the big Galaxy S23 Ultra. You can change the size of the keyboard to your liking and fit it on the screen the way you want, whether you’re right-handed or left-handed.

Here’s your photo gallery, show it off!

If you love filling up your phone with selfies, capturing the smallest details or capturing family moments, Samsung Galaxy lets you organize all those memories in the easiest way that suits your taste. With Samsung’s photo library, you can create albums to group any number of photos.
Use the + button in the upper right corner of the gallery to create folders. Once you have different folders, you can group them into the same group. You’ll see everything organized into group folders, albums, and photos. More orderly, simple and direct.

Know your equipment load at a glance

There’s a widget that helps you know if you need to charge your Galaxy device right from the S23 Ultra’s screen.

Access widgets from any desktop screen on your phone. With the zoom out gesture, you’ll be able to find the widget button and see various options. There you will find the battery widget. Choose between two designs which suits you best. Now, on the home screen of your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, you’ll see how much charge your peripherals have left even faster. More intuitive, comfortable and fast.

Dual screen multitasking

And what’s better than using apps on a 6.8-inch screen? Ability to use two apps at the same time! With the S23 Ultra, you can use the multi-window feature, which allows you to use two apps at the same time on a split screen, perfect for taking notes while watching a video, or looking up information about places while looking them up. right on the map..
By touching the three vertical lines at the bottom of the screen, you can access all running applications. From there, by selecting the icon of any application, you will access a menu where you must select the “Open in Split Screen View” option. Then, from the app selection that appears, you can choose the app you want to share your screen with.

Use the S-PEN to take pictures from a distance

Perhaps this is the trick you use most often. With the S-Pen button, you can take pictures without running to the timer. A long press of the button on the S-Pen will open the camera app. Once you’re ready to pose alone or with friends and family, simply press the button to activate the shutter and you’re ready to snap your photo. The only thing you have to try is to stay within 10 meters of your phone.

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