10 tips for buying tickets before everyone else

Today is the day Ticketmaster sells concert tickets Taylor Swift He will perform next May 30 in Madrid on the occasion of The Eras tour, his fifth international tour after a long absence from the stage.

Those lucky enough to receive an access code, They can be purchased from 2:00 pm in Spain. Yes, single dates will face long queues due to the high demand for them in the Spanish capital. Fortunately, there are a few tips you can follow to try and buy tickets as quickly as possible.

While these tips won’t guarantee you a ticket, Yes, they can get you closer in the virtual queue Stand above other users or avoid connection or server issues.

Disable Private Relay on iPhone or Mac

iPhone 14, Apple, iPhone 15

If you’re looking to purchase Taylor Swift tickets via iPhone or Mac (more specifically via Safari), Better to disable the private relay feature. It’s a privacy measure Apple has implemented into its operating system to prevent websites from tracking users. However, in this case it is better not to leave it running, as it may cause connection problems; especially if we consider that the ticket sales are accessed through a single link.

To disable private relay on iPhone and Mac, follow the steps below.

  • Go to Settings and click on your account icon.
  • Tap iCloud and scroll to the iCloud+ option.
  • Click Dedicated Relay or Dedicated Relay and deactivate the option.

clear browser cache

Google Chrome/Safari

clear browser cache It can help to load content better before buying Taylor Swift tickets, as deleting the cache can fix some loading or formatting issues on the site. To clear your cache, follow the steps below.

  • On the browser toolbar, select the Chrome menu.
  • Click on Tools.
  • Click Clear Browsing Data.
  • In the box that appears, check that cached files will also be deleted.
  • Click Clear Browsing Data.

Login to Ticketmaster in advance

After clearing the cache, Log in to your Ticketmaster account And make sure to fill in all important details such as your first name, last name and billing address before jumping into the virtual Taylor Swift ticket purchase queue. Also remember to keep your session logged in to avoid wasting time entering email and password when the page refreshes automatically.

Don’t use a VPN

Don’t use a VPN to buy Taylor Swift tickets, or Turn it off if you have one. Using a VPN and thus changing your IP address may cause billing or payment issues. Remember, there are thousands of people trying to buy the same ticket, so loading speed is critical.

Save all the necessary information needed for your purchase in a notepad

If you received an email with a code to access Taylor Swift concert ticket sales, Copy and paste that code into a note or document. Do the same for your card details. This way, you save time typing everything into the appropriate boxes. Please remember to delete the information after purchasing the tickets.

Additional Tips for Getting Taylor Swift Tickets

Taylor Swift with her back to the stage and the audience in the background.
  • If you are in the virtual queue, please do not refresh the page – you may lose your spot when buying Taylor Swift tickets.
  • Avoid using multiple tabs: you risk overloading the system and throwing errors when buying tickets.
  • Check if your device has sufficient battery.
  • Do not use 4G or 5G to buy tickets: the network may be unstable and you may lose your connection.
  • Avoid network saturation: Turn off other devices connected to the same router and close unused applications. If you’re buying Taylor Swift tickets over Wi-Fi, it’s recommended that you place yourself near your router.

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