10 tips for finding cheap flights and saving money on your next trip

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plan one travelwhether it is a trip of several days or just a round trip, many times get airplane is a task for you to complete Time to “hunt” for the cheapest Thus being able to use your budget to buy food, souvenirs or just to see more places.

but a few Tips you can apply when doing your flight search This will help you get tickets for less money, and the steps are really simple and you can make it a habit in your usual travels; so be aware and start from searching and planning your holiday.

1. Private Browsing Search

Also known as “Stealth Mode”, if you use this tool to search for flights, it doesn’t keep a record of previous queries, giving you cheaper flight options.

2. Receive the airline’s newsletter

If you sign up with a specific airline that you normally use or an airline in a country you plan to travel to, you will receive deals that you would be hard-pressed to find an airline to deal with.

3. Buy flights without paying for extra “perks”

Many airlines will charge you extra if you want to select your seat, or keep the option to change or cancel, but you don’t need to add more to the total you pay if you exclude these “benefits”.

4. Time and days of purchase

Many users and frequent flyers say Tuesdays are the days of the week to buy flights at a lower price, and it works better if you buy at dawn.

5. Choose a search engine instead of an airline page

Another trick many travelers like is to buy tickets through specialized travel platforms, as they are cheaper than the airlines themselves. Just make sure they are recognized by eg Skyscanner.

6. Search by “open” date

In a travel search engine, if you choose the option to show you results without marking specific dates, it will show you flights in different price ranges based on the number of days available, so you can now choose and plan your trip.

7. Select a nearby airport

If your itinerary allows, it’s best to fly to an airport near your final destination and connect from there by train or other cheaper means of transport, as the cost may be higher if you choose a very crowded terminal.

8. Fly on less traveled days

There are seasons when few people dare to travel, such as approaching Christmas (either before or after) or New Years, or the time of the morning; they are alternatives to finding cheaper flights and not having problems with overbooking.

9. Airlines make mistakes… take advantage of it

Airlines sometimes publish prices below normal cost, but this is because there may be errors; please purchase tickets before correcting and changing fees.

10. It’s not a “round-trip flight”

If you’re traveling domestically or to a foreign destination and don’t have to show a return ticket, it’s usually cheaper to buy a “one-way” flight, ie a one-way flight to your destination and return, also in this form.

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