10 tips for getting the most out of your Android phone

Saturday 29 July 2023 at 02:00

Did you know you can configure multiple users on your phone? And also easily share your files with other devices? Not to mention your terminal being able to pick up that WhatsApp message you just received but the sender has deleted… If you want to get the most out of your Android phone this holiday season, take advantage of the little gaps in your time, You are free to configure these additional features step by step. Keep in mind that finding them in the menu will depend on the version of the operating system and the manufacturer’s customization layer (MIUI, One UI, ColorOS, etc.). If not, you always have to resort to system search engines…

They go unnoticed, but are very useful…if we configure them to our liking. Because it’s possible that the “Do Not Disturb” button is on us and we miss the NFC button on the front desk. If there is no shortcut in the navigation bar, you can easily change it in the Settings/Notifications/Status bar.

Do you have almost no data left to access the internet? Can’t find any WiFi networks? Take advantage of unlimited 5G connectivity for family or friends on duty to browse at top speeds without burning through your discounted rates. To do this, activate the WiFi “Hotspot” in Settings / Connect and Share / Create Access Point (SSID) and configure a username and password: your phone will detect the new wireless network and you will be able to Connect to that network router like any WiFi.

Smartphones don’t have much screen real estate, but at least two apps can be displayed at the same time. as? With the app open, go to multi-window (as you would to switch apps), tap the context menu, and select Split Screen. Now you just need to open the second application. Ready.

Windows user management, on mobile devices. This is the guest mode that Android terminals offer, but yes, much simpler than a computer. All in all, it’s ideal when you need to leave your smartphone with an acquaintance and don’t want them accessing your WhatsApp, browser, files, etc. Activate it in: Configuration/Advanced Options/Users/New User.

Another great unknown…but very useful. In many cases, photographing a group of friends is an impossible task because not all of them are suitable for the frame. Don’t hesitate: zooming in on the wide angle is as easy as opening the camera app and clicking the 0.5x icon that defaults to the center of the panel. The results can be vastly improved with clarity and dynamic range, but…

. Automatically unlock your phone based on your preferences. That’s what this already well-established Android feature promises, when you have your terminal with you, in a trusted place or near your device, you can “free” your terminal with a PIN. Worth a try: Settings/Security/System Security/Smart Lock.

Tired of transferring documents, photos or videos to a nearby phone via Drive, Gmail or WeTransfer? Like the iPhone equipped with AirDrop, the Android terminal also implements its own transmission protocol: Nearby. Select File/Share/Nearby and the sending will start as soon as the target terminal remains active.

An evolution of the traditional barcode is already well used in our environment. Still, not all mobile apps are able to detect them correctly, which is why the quickest way is to pull out the lens, which is usually integrated into the camera app itself in a square icon. If not, open Google Lens/Camera Search/Focus.

Leave the phone with the kids? Really? If you don’t have them all with you, and you don’t want to annoy yourself, be careful and fix the screen: it’s going to stop you from leaving it and browsing your WhatsApp or accidentally accessing those important work documents. Go to the Settings/Security/Repair screen, and with the app selected, click the pin icon. And, it goes without saying, activate the “Request PIN for deactivation” option beforehand.

  1. notification history

The eternal question: what will my friend write in a WhatsApp message that I was notified of but he deleted without prior notice? In addition to pulling from third-party apps, your terminal most likely implements this notification history by default… though it’s usually not perfect and only half the mission. Step by step: Settings/Notifications/Notification History.

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