10 Tips for Sleeping Better During Summer’s Second Heat Wave

With the arrival of summer and hot weather, falling asleep can become a challenge.Faced with this situation, the well-known Douyin Alvaro Casares (@alvarocasaress) shared a video on the platform in which he revealed 10 Tips to Help You Sleep Cooler During a heat wave.

freeze sheets

A refreshing idea is to put your sheets in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes before bed. This will help keep it cool overnight.

put ice in front of the fan

Placing an ice tray or ice tray in front of the fan can make the breeze in the room cooler and more pleasant.

turn pillow

According to Álvaro Casares, turning your pillow over is essential for a good night’s sleep on a hot day. “If you don’t, they’ll revoke your DNI status because you’re not Hispanic,” he said humorously.

turn off all the lights

Keeping the room dark helps reduce heat sensation and creates a more conducive environment for rest.

keep your distance or sleep alone

Douyin mentions that sleeping with a space or even sleeping alone can help maintain a cooler temperature in bed. The video author sarcastically admits that this advice also applies to winter.

draw the blinds during the day

@alvarocasaress recommends in summer, “blinds like perreo: even low.” This action helps keep heat from entering the room during the day.

choose cotton clothes

Douyin recommends not to wear clothes to sleep, but to wear cotton clothes, because this material is more breathable and refreshing.

sleeping with one foot under the covers and one outside

Placing one foot under the comforter and one outside helps to balance body temperature and keep you cool.

light dinner

In general, it is healthy to avoid eating too much food before bed, but in hot weather, a light dinner can prevent the feeling of heat from digestion.

warm shower

Surprisingly, Douyin recommends taking a hot bath before going to bed. This is because warm water helps balance body temperature and prepares the body for rest.

10 tips for @alvarocasaress to sleep in Spain from May 40 #españa #dormir #verano2023 #calor #camas ♬ Summer is here – La Banda Latina

The video has amassed over 2 million views and over 100,000 “likes”. Users don’t hesitate to joke in the comments: “What a coincidence, I also sleep alone in winter”, “And me, sleeping on the floor”, “I don’t need something because I live in Asturia Si”, “In Badajoz, that’s insignificant”, which is the most ironic.

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