10 Tips for Summer-Free, Frizz-Free Hair That Looks Like It Just Came From the Barber

Summer brings sun, beach, tan and fun. And dryness, blemishes, and the famous frizz. Heat, humidity and sunlight are among the causes of this phenomenon, hair loss of luster and softness.don’t worry because there is still hope Tips for Keeping Your Hair Safe during the summer.we give you 10 sure-fire tips for preventing frizz Leaves hair looking like it just came out of the barber shop.

Frizz is caused by lack of water

There are many other causes of frizzy hair, but the main ones are lack of moisture. When hair doesn’t get enough moisture, the outer cuticle opens and separates, allowing moisture from the environment to penetrate the hair, causing frizz.In dry climates or summer periodwhen hair is exposed to high temperatures and low humidity. Alex Sesterothe stylist and director of the salon that bears his name, warns, ” dehydrated hair more likely to happen curly It is therefore important to use moisturizing shampoo or nutritive, and application mask prevents frizzy hair”. He also added, “Using it helps a lot argan oil Wearing stockings and tails, dry hair”.

Why is curly hair getting frizzier?

The hair types most prone to frizz are curly or textured hair. This is due to its natural structure, which is more porous than straight hair.this Porosity Refers to the hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture from the environment. That is to say, The more porous the hair, the more prone to frizz Because it absorbs moisture from the air, which causes the cuticle to open and the hair to become fluffy and frizzy. really, Curly Hair Is “Bloated” Hair.

this curly mane Spiral or zigzag, which can cause your cuticles to not fit as evenly as they do in the skin straight hair. As a result, curls lose moisture more easily, and the humidity of the environment penetrates to its inner layers. translate: curly.

Also, curly hair is often drierso, Lack of moisture can also cause curly.

However, curly hair is not limited to girls curly.Other hair types can also be affected by this condition, especially when they damaged, dehydrated, or exposed to environmental factors Such as sunlight, humidity and wind.

10 Expert Tips for Preventing Frizz

  1. “On hot and humid days, pick up hair Wear it in a low ponytail or loose braid to avoid tangles and frizz from wind or humidity,” warns Alex Sestero.

  2. “Use a bristle brush before cleaning, and generally, a soft-bristle brush to clean Deduce hair.This way you avoid pulling and damaging the hair fiber,” he continued Sestero.

  3. “Apply a nutritional therapy Serum at night or in oil”, recommends Juan Diego Zhangstylists, hair colorists and hair care specialists.

  4. “choose one good shampoodoes not contain chemicals such as sulfates or silicones, which can dry out and irritate hair scalp.your hair needs maintenance Hygroscopic, that is, deep hydration. So, the more natural the better,” he said. aegirus gemhairstylist Viso Salon.

  5. “if you have curls and a lot curly, avoid using an iron Or high temperature brushing.better use diffuser Dries down at low temperature without moving the diffuser,” emphasizes Alex Sestero.

  6. “do not forget condition it or use weekly Face masklet it work on the hair for 10 to 15 minutes”, recommends aegirus gem.

  7. Use products from modeling and finish that alcohol free or alkaline ingredients (dry and dehydrate hair).

  8. “If your hair is frizzy, wash it gently, then don’t rub hard scalp as this can cause frizz and damage curls. rinse clean to eliminate all residues of the product”, stating salem cosmetics.

  9. “It was clarified at the time that do not use hot water, always lukewarm or lukewarm.If you feel capable, use the cold water Finally because it helps close the cuticle“, pointing out Egillus.

  10. When dry, it’s best if it’s not in the air, you can choose dryer with ionizer, Prevents static and frizz.Do not use hot air, keep it on medium heat all the time leave home with dry hair.


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