10 Tips for Taking Care of Your Hair in Summer

he sunhe hothe chlorine the waves Salt Can damage prominent hair in summer.Because of this, convenient take care of it following one series of tricks Instead of using the specific product.

best way to give Light, volume and sports Make some good wicks for the mane. Also, if you stay within a certain pitch range to your liking, natural color You use specific product You won’t harm your hair. despite this, summer periodhe sunthis high temperaturehe chlorinethis sand the waves Salt they will destroy you hair with highlights More than the bill.

Summer Hair Highlights Tips

to stop you hair with highlights It’s convenient to suffer in summer take care of it In summer follow these tips what we present to you

Intensive Treatment Will Get Your Shiny Hair Ready for Summer

A common mistake is to wait until summer is over to make changes Hair sticks out.Ideally ready before summer with intensive treatment so hair be protected And with force.

Hats, hats and scarves, your allies in sun protection

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Excessive sun exposure can make your wick they change color anyone they become opaque. “use hat, hat anyone scarf for protect your hair direct sunlight”, recommended by hairdressers Francisco Mogolo.

Braids, the hairstyle that best protects highlights in summer

he best hairstyle You can wear it in summer to protect your hair from the sun. picked up.However, instead of braid or a steamed stuffed bun, the best way is to braid your hair.In addition to getting looks good in summeryou will prevent lightning from reaching all the manes.

Hair needs sun protection too

Just as we treat our skin, we must apply sunscreen Perfect for summer hair.exactly UVA anyone UVB they can darken the reflection.

Salt water, the enemy of the wick

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“It is very important that when leaving brine avoid at all costs comb your hairbecause then more vulnerable Yes,” says the expert Garnier.In this sense, it is recommended to always clarify sweet water when leaving the pool or pool ocean.

Be careful when washing and drying your hair in summer

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every time you from beach the waves poolYou must wash your hair.try to dry natural way And avoid using the dryer as the heat may damage it.

Use a shampoo and conditioner specific for color-treated hair.

Shampoo and conditioner is a must in summer if you have highlights soft and specific for dyed hair. This will prevent the color from fading.

Summer Highlights Tip: Use Cold Water

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Hair with highlights should use cold water In the summer. “Help seal hair fiber and Protective coloration“, they remember from the Center for Aesthetic Medicine become aguilar delgado of madrid.

Hydration is very important for reflective long hair in summer

at least try yourself once One nourishing mask a week Deep Hydration your hair has highlights remember the bottom half of your hair cutting edgeusually those suffer more by an external agent.

Take advantage of the end of summer to change to a new hairstyle

A cleaning method After summer, your hair with highlights is to give yourself a new hairstyle and change your look. “Late summer can be a good time cut off your ends or give a new air to your hair,” advice from hairdressers Master Chan.

The Best Products for Taking Care of Hair Highlights This Summer

In addition to following these tips, it’s also important to use the following methods to style your hair highlights for summer: specific product for dyed hair. These three cannot be lacking in daily beauty.

Use Aveda Sun Care Hair Sunscreen This Summer

Aveda Sun Care Hair Sunscreen. Avatar

If You Love Hair Highlights, Use a Conditioner to Protect Your Hair This Summer sun protection of Aveda (100ml €30.50).it’s about a Photovaporizer, raincoat and Anti-UV This forms a unseen movie.

Moroccan Oil Color Treatment Shampoo Is a Must-Have for Your Beauty Routine This Summer

Moroccan Oil Color Care Shampoo. Moroccan oil

As we pointed out, in summer you have to use specific shampoo For coloring hair.he color care of Moroccan oil (€27.10 for 250ml) is perfect for its pH balance That set color and protect hair from an external agent.

Moisturize your shiny hair with Kérastase Chroma Filler Hair Mask

Kerastase Chroma Filling Mask. Kérastase

designed for development avoid pores hair and extended colormask Chroma Fill of Kérastase (€50.40 for 200ml) Deep down hair fiber. therefore, Hydrate, strengthen and nourish Colored or highlighted hair.

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