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A new edition of Cyber ​​Monday begins on Monday, three days of promotions organized by the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CACE) and that brings together discounts on products and services from a large number of companies in a single Internet site.

What must be taken into account before embarking on a purchase?

The Department of Consumer Defense of the City of Buenos Aires highlighted 10 recommendations.

The first thing to do is inform us before making any purchase, that is, avoid making purchases at first sight and without comparing prices and functionalities. Know the characteristics of the products to be purchased, evacuate doubts about delivery times, and make sure have a receipt After making the payment are key aspects to make a safe purchase.

“A published offer is a commitment from the supplier to the consumer, in this sense, once the product has been paid, the merchant cannot claim lack of stock or cancel the purchase”Said Vilma Bouza, Director of Consumer Defense. And he clarified that: “Faced with non-compliance with delivery, the consumer can demand the delivery of a similar or superior product or cancel that transaction at no cost ”.

Consumers have the right to cancel any purchase made online for a period of 10 days from the date of receipt of the product or service.

This particularity applies to purchases by postal means as well and there is no need to provide justification any. In this sense, it is important to keep what was received in perfect condition to return it in identical conditions. The shipping costs for the return must be paid by the seller.

The protection of users in online purchases is governed by National Law 24,240 on Consumer Defense throughout the country. If during Cyber ​​Monday there are problems with a purchase, the advisable thing to achieve a prompt solution is contact the store where the operation was performed and, in case the problem is not solved, make the claim through the web.

Here 10 tips for safe shopping on Cyber ​​Monday 2021:

1. Screenshot

Register the offer through a screen print or photo with the cell phone so that in case of differences with what has been agreed, you can claim with reliable proof.

2. Check stock

Check that the offer has stock available And don’t move forward when a product is out of stock.

3. Cancellation of the purchase

Remember that you have 10 days to cancel the purchase and return the product to the company. It is important that you always keep the packaging in perfect condition.

4. Delivery date

Establish a delivery date, if the company does not meet it after 15 days you can make the complaint.

5. Only the official site

Access the pages of the stores participating in the event only through the official site:

6. Reputation

Consult the seller reputation Before bidding, always choose the businesses that are best rated.

7. Ticket

I always demanded a ticket or invoice, it is the main document that proves that you are the owner of the purchase and also it helps you to claim the repair of a product under warranty.

8. Balance on the card

Confirm that your card has a balance to pay the total value of the invoice.

9. Terms and conditions

Always check the terms and conditions of the discounts defined for credit cards, find out if there are fixed stops that could limit your discount.

10. Safe sites

Always check the address of your browser, safe sites for online purchases show A lock at the top of the web.


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