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While thermometers continue to show numbers for extreme heat, some rules for dealing with high temperatures in your home are based on the most overwhelming logic and skill of your life. The two basic rules for fighting the heat are to keep air out when it’s coolest and keep windows and doors closed when the sun is shining. A classic for mothers and grandmothers.

Ceiling fans are also one of the accessories that returns from the past. “It’s like being in the most elegant of movies,” says DIY and decorating platform Leroy Merlin. Considered one of the best allies, especially on the hottest nights, it is a practical accessory that combines functionality and beauty. Unlike past decades, in the store you can find a wide range of prices, styles and models for all types of interiors and situations. Also, one detail to consider when shopping for the most suitable model is the square meter of the room you want to refresh. The option with light and remote is most recommended.

The rest of the possible measures, beyond installing air conditioning and setting aside a budget, mean putting basic decorating solutions into practice, which can be summed up in these eight ideas.

the curtain played its part

The new “Aire” collection of tulles from the textile company Alhambra.alhambra

Poniente, Bora or Mistral are some of the names of the new collection of sheer styles Air From textile company Alhambra, which brings together a wide range of fabrics inspired by the Mediterranean. The fabric comes in a natural color and double width, designed to regulate the entry of light and regulate the air that enters through the windows. Such a delicate fabric ensures a fresh feeling.

You’ll Love Its Blades More Than Everything

Amelia fan from Faro Barcelona company.Ricardo Badia

The fan pictured is the Amelia model of the Faro Barcelona company, designed by Héctor Serrano, inspired by aeronautics and in homage to the aviator Amelia Earhart. The designers took special care when designing the lighting, which is available in two shades: blown glass or opaque glass, to avoid glare, which is important if it is installed above the bed. The light intensity is adjustable and comes with a six-speed motor. It has a reverse function to increase the efficiency of the heating system in winter, can be operated by remote control and is also suitable for sloped ceilings. In addition to being quiet and fast, its motor consumes 70% less electricity.

light furniture, dark chocolate

Sideboard by the Valencian company Slowdeco.slow decoration

This sideboard is from Slowdeco, a Valencian company that specializes in modular furniture made of wood from certified sustainable forests. This adds to the timelessness and versatility of its design, which is inspired by Scandinavian style, although it was made in Valencia by local carpenters.Not surprisingly, this modular combination of the series pensat Made of ash wood, it is a classic of Scandinavian furniture. Its straight and simple lines give it a fresh, light feel.

Clearance orders bring freshness

The living room was designed by Beatrice Askanazy, interior designer of the Matèria store in Barcelona.barcelona problem

For example, this room designed by Matèria Barcelona interior designer Beatrice Askanazy is a testament to the freshness that comes with cleaning and ordering. Calmo sofa with Fredericia, metal structure and fabric upholstery; Malam Chobi rug, design Francisco Cumelas; Hardy coffee table and Totò pouf, Meridiani; Gravity and Beslite BL35 lamps, both Gubi; sculpture and mobile phone, design Laura Maresc, Porcelain bowl, design by Leticia Feduchi.

Even the bathroom has plants

Space Mobles 114 tub.

As for the plants, they should always be placed in order, as already mentioned in the article from last February Tips and tricks for decorating your bathroom with plants and keeping them alive. In this case, the space made it possible to grow three plants next to the freestanding bathtub, and they do well in a bright and airy interior so that the humidity doesn’t attack the monstera, philodendron and fortune tree or guava chestnut tree. The stool is a Nuba Colors model, designed by Lluís Pau, and the Forc coat rack is from the Lagranja studio, both edited by the Mobles 114 company.

Please use white bedding

A new collection of bedrooms by Be Water.is water

If it is white, it is recommended to dress up the mattress all year round, and it makes more sense to use it in summer. A perfect white will give you more rest than a bright orange for the place you want to escape. It turns out that white gives people a feeling of cleanliness and freshness, just as white candles evoke good luck and good omens. This bedroom is part of a new collection by Be Water, the white sheets match the comforter on the bed, the headboard is made in their local artisan studio from select fabrics, the footboard and footboard are also designed by Be Water . table.

Mats are Better Than Shaggy Carpets

Jute rug from Westwing.westin

The typical cushions in Seville houses have taught us since ancient times: natural fibers are cool, heat-resistant, and they are sustainable and handmade. In the picture, Westwing proposes protecting the living room floor without heating the space.It consists of Sharmila model jute rug as shown in store online,”provided a looks like Casual and cool.

For freshness, on the table

Tableware from Rue Vintage 74.74 Vintage Street

This table decoration, accessories from Rue Vintage 74, includes ceramic plates with green geometric patterns by French designer Sarah Lavoine, and personalized fabric tablecloths. Two refreshing options for enjoying cold cuts al fresco.

Dimly lit and cold

Vibia signature light.vibia

Achieving a dim and cool light, this lamp from the company Vibia has a steel base and an aluminum reflector that looks almost like a sculpture. This is a table top model, part of a series designed by Ichiro Iwasaki of Japan, whose screen directs the light downwards, creating a slight brightness.

the key is in the window

Renovated country house by Hiriko Estudio.Erlands Biederbost

The success of the best air conditioner in a room of a house depends on a good enclosure. In this example, the windows of the country house renovated by Hiriko Estudio chose larch wood joinery by Barrio Hermanos, and were fitted with wooden roller shutters, also from Persianas Barcelona, ​​for optimal protection from cold and heat. The Luco stools were designed by Mobles 114 editor Martín Azúa, the furniture is made of reclaimed oak from Hauka, and the terrazzo tops are by Huguet Mallorca. A white adjustable wall light model 265, designed by Paolo Rizatto and edited by Flos, illuminates the area.

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