10 Tips to Keep Your House Cool Without Air Conditioning

Heat can make the interiors of our homes often suffocating

As summer approaches and temperatures gradually rise, it’s important to keep our homes cool become a priority Ensure health and comfort.The heat can often make the interiors of our homes suffocating (especially at night), but luckily, there are many tips and tricks We can continue to beat the heat without having to rely entirely on air conditioning. Here are 10 effective strategies:

1. Blinds and Curtains

One of the most effective methods of prevention heat seeps into the home It closes blinds and curtains during the sun’s strongest hours. This reduces heat input by 30%.If we need some light in the room, we can always turn on the first light we see where the sun ceases to shine directly. This way we will also avoid light consumption.

Shutters keep outside heat from entering our home. Photo: Pexels -Bryan Geraldo-

2. Strategic ventilation

Ventilate the home during early morning The last time was in the afternoon when the temperature was cooler. 40 minutes is enough so you don’t get wet or bad smells. daytime, close almost all windows To keep the indoor air fresh.

3. Ceiling and walls

if you can invest Insulation of roof and walls,do it. They insulate the home from outside heat and help keep temperatures inside low. A stable temperature throughout the year can be achieved and energy consumption can be reduced.

4. Plants and vegetation

In addition to purifying the air, plants Provides shade and coolness. If you have space, consider planting trees or shrubs near windows to block direct sunlight.If this is not possible and you have them in the house, you can spray them with spray You’ll notice how the room they’re in cools down, and studies have shown that there are plants like aloe vera that can lower the temperature.

Plants can go a long way in giving our homes a new look. Photo: Pexels -Huy Phan-

5. Use of fans

ceiling fan can help distribute fresh air More uniform around the house. Make sure they are turned counterclockwise so that the air is pushed down.If we have those standing, it’s best to put them in near the window at night Let the freshness in.

Some ceiling fans have built-in lights. Photo: Pexels -Curtis Adams-

6. Electrical appliances

well known heat generated while running. Try running your washer, dryer and oven overnight or early in the morning. In addition to making them glow red (often called “standby”), it also emits heat.

7. Light color

Darker surfaces will attract more heat. If you are considering painting your home, Choose light colors that reflect lightalso showed that walls painted white were able to reduce the temperature by several degrees compared to other colors, and that reflect most of the solar radiationto prevent heat from accumulating in our house.

Light colors, especially white, can cool down a room. Photo: Pexels -Leah Kelley-

8. Energy-saving lamps

those incandescent ones give off a lot of heat. Switch to CFLs or LED lights, which are cooler and more energy efficient.In fact, you have to try not to open them, preferably open the shutters slightly Let the outside light in.

9. Door and window sealing

Make sure doors and windows are well sealed to prevent hot outside air from entering your home. If we have many hours of direct sunlight, it is better to consider placing awnings, because then they will block the sun’s rays.

10. Lightweight bedding

In summer, choose Sheets and bedding made from lightweight, breathable materials, like cotton. This will help you feel cooler at night. It would also be better if we washed the bedding every 3 or 4 days instead of weekly, we’ll sleep more peacefully If we also showered before.

With these tricks, there is no need for summer unbearably hot season In our house you will be able to enjoy a cooler and more comfortable environment without always depend on air conditioner. The key is to be strategic and make small adjustments in our daily lives.

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