10 tips you should know if you want to be an Apple Watch PRO

In less than three weeks, I haven’t had an Apple Watch on my wrist for six years. A total of 2190 days and I just took it off to recharge. During this time, I discovered many tricks that help and improve the user experience. Tricks like: Double-tap the Digital Crown to go back to the last app you were using, set the Dock for a favorite app, or have the watch tell you the time… and more.

Along these lines, we explain a series of 10 very useful tips that can make the Apple Watch experience easier. I hope to discover something new for you. let’s go there!

10 Apple Watch Tricks You Should Know Ready, Set, Go!

One of the most amazing iPhone tricks is that when you touch the top of the screen, you go back to the top. No matter where you stand. Did you know you can do the same on your Apple Watch? For example, go into the Settings app, scroll and touch the top. Tadaaa, you’ll be back at the top.

Two of my favorite tricks are as follows: Open Control Center and Notification Center within the app. Open any application and try to call one of these two applications. try. Can’t you be right? Well, you just keep holding the upper or lower part, depending on what you want to open, and then pull up or down. Prosperity.

If you want your Apple Watch to tell the time aloud, that’s easy too. All you need to do is put it in sound mode and place two fingers on the Apple Watch’s screen. It’s that simple. You can also have the watch tell the hour on the hour. To do this, you have to go to the Watch app on your iPhone and look for the “Accessibility” section, then press the bell and activate the option. You can choose between two types of sounds to have your watch chime when the hour is on.

Another accessibility tip is the ability to use your Apple Watch to control your iPhone, an option you can find by simply going into the watch’s accessibility settings. Did someone say accessibility? Well, let’s have two glasses. On the iPhone, if we look for screen mirroring of the Watch, we can control it from the iPhone’s screen, albeit redundantly.

The Apple Watch also has a variety of controls. Did you know you can use the Digital Crown to turn on your screen? Or you can cover it with one hand to close it? Or you can control the clock with the tip of your nose? That’s it. You can do it, these three tricks are really comfortable.

Finally, from our watch, we can perform various operations on the spheres, such as changing its position by pressing and holding one of the spheres and dragging it to the relevant position, or if we want to remove it, we can swipe up one of the spheres. easy right? There are many more tricks, but these are essential for me.

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