10 Tricks You Can Do in Google Photos!

google photos is a cloud storage service provided by the following companies Googleallows you to store, organize and share your photos and videos.

With it, you can access your photos from all mobile devices and computers linked to your Google account. But do you know if you’re taking advantage of all the tools it gives you? google photos? Well, don’t stop reading, here we have shared 10 tips so that you can use this storage service like a pro.

  • Smart search: Search for photos using specific keywords. You can search by objects, places, and even people. For example, enter “beach” to find photos of beaches.
  • Create a shared album– Create shared albums with friends and family so they can add their own photos. This is a great way to collect memories together.
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  • Character tag: Google Photos can recognize faces in photos; you can add a name to the person and the storage service will recognize and group them, making future searches for their photos easier.
  • Image modification: Enhance your images with Google Photos editing tools. You can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and apply filters.
  • Create an automatic movie: This Google tool automatically creates movies from your photos and videos.
  • Backup and sync: Make sure the backup and sync feature is enabled in the app so your photos are automatically backed up to the cloud.
  • Free up space on your device: If you need to free up space on your phone, don’t panic! You can delete local copies of photos you’ve backed up to Google Photos! Remember, you can still access them in the cloud.
  • Share direct link: You can generate a direct link to a photo or album and share it with others, even if they don’t have a Google Account.
  • privacy setting: View and adjust privacy settings based on your preferences. Remember, you control who can see your photos and albums.
  • Memories and anniversaries: Google Photos will show you memories and anniversaries of old photos. “One Year Ago Today” “What a great way to relive a special moment!
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However, it is necessary for you to realize that just as it has countless advantages, it also has disadvantages, these may be:

  1. Limited storage space ensures high quality.
  2. photo compression: Google Photos compresses images at high quality, which may affect the quality of your photos if you are a professional photographer.
  3. privacy: You should pay attention to your privacy settings to ensure that your photos are not publicly accessible if you don’t want them to be.

Generally speaking, google photos It’s a useful tool for storing and organizing visual memories, but it’s important to consider storage quality and privacy based on your personal needs.

These Skill will help you get the most out of Google Photos and keep your remember Well organized and easily accessible. Did you know you can do it all with this storage service?

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