10 unknown Nintendo Switch games you won’t see in any rankings but are well worth a look

If you have a Nintendo Switch you might have a lot of fun playing e.g. “Pikmin 4”, “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” or “Bayonetta 3”. But the player does not live solely by exclusivity, because sometimes he wants to discover something new, but no less surprising.

Owners of the Nintendo hybrid console are in luck because it has one of the widest variety of games available. We find multi-platform games, ports of previous generations of games, remasters and fantastic indie games.

Do you want a change of scenery with a Nintendo Switch?Well, don’t worry, because soon you’ll find out 10 almost unknown games that are well worth playing.

Oddly enough, not all of the games are indie, but their AA status or even release on other platforms (PlayStation, Xbox, PC or mobile) means that few people remember them.

This is a serious mistake because These lesser-known games are fun to play on Nintendo Switch, whether in portable mode or in front of the TV. Don’t hesitate to give them a chance because they deserve it.

all these are 10 Little-Known Nintendo Switch Games This is something you won’t see in any rankings, and it’s well worth it.

10 Little-Known Games You Should Try on Nintendo Switch:

Fata Morgana house

Fata Morgana house

Fata Morgana house

It’s one of the best games of 2021, but it’s incomprehensible that it doesn’t get the public recognition it deserves. Their rating on Metacritic (media score 96/100, player score 8.6 out of 10) They go without saying that this is a “niche” genre on Nintendo Switch.

The house located in Fata Morgana is Gothic story in visual novel format, which offers multiple stories (main plot, prequels, sequels and small additional stories) for the modest price of 34.99 euros. Once a gothic style or theme catches your fancy, it can become your new obsession.

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This was another bombshell in 2021 that didn’t get the necessary recognition at the time.Sumire is An independently developed little gem, which introduces us to a girl who lives with her family in a Japanese village. One day, he met a god who promised to make his wish come true.

for it, Sumire (that’s the girl’s name) must complete a series of goals throughout the day. Over time, the plot changes based on our decisions, and we can explore the village in search of secrets and collectibles. A very unknown gem.

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killer queen black

killer queen black

If you enjoy playing with friends in local multiplayer or taking on the best online players, Killer Queen Black is one of the biggest surprises of its kind.this Platform and strategy games It can be played solo, but is designed for multiplayer play (up to 8 players supported).

The idea is Two teams of 4 players face each other in specific levels. You can win in three different ways (climb the snail, collect all the berries, or eliminate the enemy team’s queen), but beware of the obstacles and dangers in the hive.

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Entering the breach

Entering the breach

It was one of the most popular games on Steam a few years ago, and today it’s one of the most played games on the Steam Deck. What you may not know is that Into the Breach, Strategy mecha game from Subset Gamesalso available on Nintendo Switch in a significantly improved version.

In Into the Breach, we control a fleet of mechs Its goal is to stop a horrific alien invasion. To do this, we must overcome each battle in turn (as a chessboard), the peculiarity of which is that they are randomly generated. This is really a bad habit.

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let’s build a zoo

let's build a zoo

Do you remember the legendary story of “Zoo Tycoon”? We even saw two titles on the Nintendo DS. Although this game is exclusive to PC, there are some great alternatives, such as Planet Zoo.Don’t worry, because you can play cool games on Nintendo Switch Let’s build a zoo without any more robots.

This excellent management simulator suggests us to create a dream zoo with a very peculiar retro overhead aesthetic. Animal DNA can also be fused (creating over 30,000 combinations). It has two extensions: dinosaur island and Odyssey Aquarium.

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pumpkin jack

Pumpkin Jack 02

We’re very surprised that Headup Games’ game wasn’t a huge hit at the end of 2020.Pumpkin Jack, obviously Inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas or Medieval Evilis a well-known Halloween-themed hack and slash game that has been released on Nintendo Switch and other platforms.

It didn’t invent the wheel, but Pumpkin Jack has all the ingredients to conquer fans of the genre. Its protagonist is charming, the art design is eye-catching, and the level design is genius. This is a game from another era that deserves the chance.

Pumpkin Jack announced for PC and consoles, demo available via Steam

Haiku, robot

Haiku Robot

The Haiku robot is clearly inspired by Hollow Knight (in fact, Team Cherry joked about it) The famous metroidvania characterized by its classic aesthetic (A tribute to 16) This development invites us to continue exploring its world and avoid all obstacles.

it stars Haiku, a friendly robot in a desolate world is threatened by terrifying machines. Intricate levels, platforming stages, difficult final bosses, and eye-catching artwork await you. Mister Morris Games’ work is a pleasant surprise.

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chain echo

chain echo

one of the Big surprises in 2022, a few months later, he was rarely talked about. That’s a shame, because Chained Echoes has everything to remember as one of the best RPGs in the Nintendo Switch catalog, taking us right into the golden age of the genre in the ’90s.

Chained Echoes is developed by Matthias Linda (published by Deck13), An RPG with a 16-bit aesthetic that updates fundamental elements of the genre (turn-based combat, random encounters, and deep dialogue), and every part is close to high level. The only “bad” thing is that it’s in English, but it’s essential.

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robot cat

robot cat

It’s not a masterpiece, but Gato Roboto is A good action and platform game This deserves more recognition. Sponsored by Devolver Digital and released on Xbox Game Pass at the time, this black and white metroidvania has several surprises in store for you.

Gato Roboto’s mechanics are simple but effective.able Switch between Cat Qiqi and Mecha, as each character has its own unique abilities to level up each level. It’s not very complicated once you get the hang of it, but it will make you smile in many situations.

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Falconer: Warrior Edition

Falconer: Warrior Edition

It was one of the launch games for Xbox Series X|S, although it later jumped to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. Developed by one person (Tomas Sala)The Falconeer is an extraordinary aerial combat game where our character rides a giant falcon.

Its mechanics are very reminiscent of Panzer Dragon, and it’s also a tricky puzzle. In its warrior version, Includes base game and its two DLCs (Hunters and Armageddon)in addition to quality of life improvements and all fixes applied since launch.

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If these suggestions seem few, you can take a look at the top 10 surprises of 2022, some of which can be found on the Nintendo hybrid console.

Back to the Nintendo Switch, not long ago we shared the top 7 lesser-known games on the hybrid console that are also available on the Nintendo eShop. record.

As you can see, looks can be deceiving, and the Nintendo Switch hide some jewelry in its video game catalog. This is not because of the wide variety, but because they guarantee quality and offer a lot of fun at a good price.

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