10 Very Effective Infusion Methods for Headaches

he Headache He was an ungrateful companion to many who had become accustomed to living with him.The problem with this everyday disease is that It can be intense and interfere with work, student or home life. Those who suffer from it.Migraines alone affect almost 18% of the population.

Type of headache

Experts differentiate between headache or primary headachein which pain occurs no known reason inspire it, and Secondary or symptomatic headacheYes related to a specific causesuch as hypertension, sinusitis, respiratory allergies, glaucoma or hereditary mediators.


exist. .between primary headache The most common is Migrainethis Migraine with aurathis cluster headache and tension headache.

What causes headaches

this Nitrate-rich foodsor withhigh histamine levels (Chocolate, dairy products, citrus, seafood, nuts), manufactured food,intake Alcoholdriving against the sun for a long time, pressure, Can’t sleep wellhe strenuous physical exercise Or spend hours in front of someone Computer or mobile phone screen These are some of the conditions that may cause headaches to occur.

When pain occurs, here are some things we can do to relieve it Eight medicinal plantsparticularly effective.

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