100% a big step towards Starfield

To 100% complete “One Giant Step” (Starfield’s nineteenth and final story mission), here’s what you need to do. You have to make a decision about your future.

take a big step Is The nineteenth and last Starry sky story mission.In this guide, we’ll help you Complete all objectives Same bit by bit, add some others Tips And of course, Avoid spoilers as much as possible plot. This quest will start automatically when you complete Revelation.

before building the armillary sphereit is recommended that you go to hostel Talk to Vladimir and get all the powers. When you are clear, Building an armillary sphere and choose.

Yes You removed the armillary sphere You can continue playing normally, just as the game will warn you.if you make a Gravity jump built with armillary sphere, you will travel to a special area. As you progress through the area, you’ll be given the final choice to stay or pass. Directly to NG+has the following characteristics.

  • you lost your entire inventory. You won’t have weapons, armor, ammo or points.
  • you lost all your ships The products you will purchase, as well as any designs you will create.
  • you lose all positions What you built.
  • You tell the story from the beginningbut you have New star dialog options.
  • You can skip tasks Then go straight to find the artifact.
  • There may be random changes in the universe. From all of the cabin’s companions dead to the constellations not even existing.
  • you will get a Armor and starships.able Improve it by migrating to the new NG+. Better armor is gained when upgrading to NG+10, and ships stop upgrading at NG+6.
  • Notice Ships cannot be modified never.
  • you keep your level As well as all unlocked skills, and the challenge levels you encounter as your skills develop.
  • All relationships with colleagues are resetso you can try having an affair with someone else.
  • you will keep Scanned planet databut you must reopen all routing between systems.

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