1000 Miglia returns to Viterbo on 15 June

by Federico USAI-

VITERBO – It was 8 o’clock in the morning on 26 March 1927 when Isotta Frachini of Aimo Maggi and Bindo Maserati inaugurated the famous Freccia Rossa. This is the beginning of the 1000 Miglia, an event that continues to amaze today and is expected to take place every year throughout Italy. It was the most beautiful race in the world, not we but Enzo Ferrari said it. This is how Drake defined the car marathon that included Italy, especially in the provinces where the route of the Mille Miglia was in many ways the event of the year.

Thousand Mile Village (8)Times change but re-enactments still bring to life the towns and villages involved. The five stages of the 2023 edition will feature 420 cars built before 1957, starting in Brescia on Tuesday 13 June, where the finish line will be set on Saturday 17 after covering more than 2000 km. Let us see the details of 1000 Miglia 2023:
Phase 1 – Tuesday 13 June
After departing Via Venezia and caressing Lake Garda, passing through Verona, Ferrara, Lugo and Imola, the convoy will conclude the first leg in Cervia-Milano Marittima.
Phase 2 – Wednesday 14 June
The second day will feature a final parade through the Veneto to San Marino, Senigallia, a lunch stop to Macerata, Fermo and Ascoli Piceno and Rome.
Phase 3 – Thursday 15 June
The third stage will go above the capital, passing through viterboFeaturing a race lunch in spectacular Siena, the race will continue towards Pistoia, the Abetone Pass, Modena and Reggio Emilia and finish in Parma.
Phase 4 – Friday 16 June
On the fourth day, after Stradella and Pavia, the corsa will reach Piedmont with lunches in Alessandria, then Asti and Vercelli, and via Novara, it will head towards the center of Milan which will host the last night of the race.
Stage 5 – Saturday 17 June

On the fifth day, after a departure to Bergamo, Brescia’s twin city as Capital of Culture 2023, and transits through Franciacorta, Hospitaletto and Gusago, the 1000 Miglia 2023 will end in Brescia in the late morning with a city circuit before the final. Runway and closing luncheon on stage at Viale Venezia. In the evening, goodbye to 2024 with the White Night of the Freccia Rossa, the 1000 Miglia the Night that will conclude the intense week and a free concert by Leo Gassmann on the stage in the Piazza Loggia.

Too Viterbo After two years of absence, will be the protagonist of the 1000 Miglia, which will pass through some streets of the city on Thursday, June 15, awaited by the lovers of the event and above all by the president of the Automobile Club Viterbo, Sandro Zucchi.

Sandro Zucchi
President ACI – Viterbo

In fact, during the press conference to present the 1000 Miglia President Zucchi himself wanted to say: “SAbove all I would like to thank Mayor Chiara Frontini, who accepted our request for the Mille Miglia in Viterbo in the month of December. Noting that in previous years it did not go to Viterbo. Since 2001 I managed to get “stamp control” to Viterbo thanks to Avocato Bontempi, the then president of the Brescia Automobile Club, I remember that in the last two years we did not have this possibility. Sandro Zucchi continued, Viterbo has a special bond with the Mille Miglia, in fact in 1956 the entire Mercedes team stayed in our city at the Nuovo Angelo Hotel via dell’Orologio Vecchio.
I remind you that the Mille Miglia is no longer a race for speed but a race for regularity and it will give everyone the opportunity to see this “traveling museum” as defined by Enzo Ferrari.
The first car to pass at approximately 06.45 will be the Ferrari Tribute with 1000 Miglia Green cars for the regularity race for the full-electric models. The first arrival of the car in Viterbo is expected at 08.30.

lino rocchi

The Automobile Club will be in attendance with its own gazebo where cars can stop and have their time control stamped and then released again. President Zucchi, at the end of his speech, invited Mayor Frontini and the councilors of the Junta to be present to stamp the first cars passing through Viterbo.

The director of the Automobile Club Viterbo, Lino Rocchi, announced that the itinerary, which includes Marta and Capodimonte, will have 36 marshals with at least 10 post chiefs who will manage the passage of the cars. The last car should pass through Viterbo around 12.30.

Emmanuel Aaron
Sports Councilor

Emmanuel Aron, present at this morning’s conference as Counselor for Sport with the Councilor for Citizen Services, recalled the importance of the 1000 Miglia “C”.Is it the Mille Miglia? Sports, culture, tourism? The 1000 Miglia is all three of those things. A sporting event which had its own competitive history from 1927 to 1957 and which since 1977 has become a historical re-enactment. Our administration was happy to host this event as it brings with it these three values. The 1000 Miglia passing through Viterbo is plagued by problems due to construction sites and works in progress for the PNRR which is a matter of pride for us as it will be seen in Italy that we have started jobs”

frontini_1000_milesFor Mayor Frontini it is a very important event in terms of numbers, views and the towns and villages crossed by the Mille Miglia. same mayor listed again Roads to be crossed by the participants during the route on 15th June , SPI Strada Simina, Viale Armando Diaz via Santa Maria, Vetrala, Porta San Pietro in Gredi. Piazza degli Orfani, via San Pellegrino, Piazza San Carluccio, via Macel Maggiore, via Cardinal La Fontaine, via Annio, via Cavour, Piazza del Plebiscito (where control and stamping will take place), Ascenzi’s Via, Piazza dei Caduti, Via Marconi with detour to Via Fratelli Rosselli, Via Matteotti to Via, Viale Raniero Caposi, Piazzale Gramsci, via Egino Garbini, intersection in Piazzale Donatori d’Organi , sr 2 through cassia, sp 7 commanda.

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