11 famous scenes in which the audience pressed the “pause” button several times

We all agree: there is no better place than a movie theater to watch a movie. Particularly when it comes to sci-fi, action or fantasy that is rife with explosions or CGI, the scenes become even more memorable when projected onto a big screen. However, it must be said that even home video offers the viewer several advantages, above all the opportunity to enjoy a cinematic work in complete tranquility within the four walls of the house, comfortably lying on a bed or on a sofa, or maybe in the living room. company of close friends. But above all, the advent of VHS, DVD, Blu-ray, and the recent proliferation of streaming platforms has given the public an extremely welcome feature: a “pause” button that allows you to stop a movie at any time, allowing you to answer calls, go to the bathroom, or do other things. activities without missing precious moments of the story you are watching. But this function is used not only to temporarily move away from the screen. In fact, what happens is that viewers stop the exact sequence to take a closer look at frames that can be skipped even by blinking and are sometimes used by directors to hide easter eggs or references to other works. Of the hot scenes you always hope to see more of, like the famous scene where Sharon Stone crosses her legs in the basic Instinct, right down to the scary faces found in horror movies, often shown for a split second to maintain a certain mystique and thus feed the fear. An example of this are the victims of Samara in Ring, whose distorted and completely deformed faces appear so quickly that it has prompted many viewers to pause the scenes in which they appear to get a better view of the disturbing features. Discover today in our gallery: 11 famous scenes in which the audience pressed the “pause” button several times.

  • Alien walking the Signs

The film allows the viewer to understand the presence of aliens on Earth in a continuous build-up of tension and uncertainty, until a frightening moment comes when the protagonist sees one of them appear in the video. The sequence is very fast and at a glance it is impossible to capture all the details of the creature’s face. The break was necessary.

  • Amanda Bynes lifts her shirt in She’s the Man

11 famous scenes in which the audience pressed the

In the scene where the actress shows the whole stadium and a pleasantly shocked Channing Tatum with her grace, the audience involuntarily presses the pause button in the hope of seeing at least something. It is a pity that once stopped, the sequence does not reveal … absolutely nothing!

  • Demon face from Exorcist

The famous horror film by William Friedkin shocked generations of viewers with terrifying scenes showing the cruel obsession of the protagonist. However, the film also contains hidden images that appear as very brief flashes when viewed, making them all the more unsettling. One of these flashes contains the face of a Demon that has possessed little Regan. In 2018, this is still intimidating.

  • Sharon Stone crosses her legs in Basic Instinct

11 famous scenes in which the audience pressed the

There’s nothing to talk about: the sexiest leg-crossing in the history of cinema could not help but wear out the pause button on the viewers’ consoles!

  • Woman with three breasts in an act of power

11 famous scenes in which the audience pressed the “pause” button several times

The Arnold Schwarzenegger cult definitely has a few “pause” moments, such as the ending where the protagonist’s head inflates like a balloon; however, the scene in which the three-breasted prostitute appears has gone down in history and certainly deserves to be immortalized. Didn’t you have the curiosity to understand how it was done?

  • The face of the Red Demon in “Astral”

11 famous scenes in which the audience pressed the

One of the worst screamers in the entire horror franchise, which has become empty among fans of the genre in recent years. There is a lot of horror, but much more curiosity to understand how scared the monster that appears behind the protagonist is. Guaranteed break.

  • Impressive full Avengers cast in Avengers: Age of Ultron

There is a shot at the beginning of the movie that quickly became one of the most used cutscenes by fans of the superhero team. This is not an Easter egg or a mistake, but simply an image that, caught at the right moment, can show itself in all its effectiveness. During the battle there is a slow motion scene where 6 members of the Avengers are jumping at the same time and the shot is really WOW!

  • Corpse faces in The Ring

11 famous scenes in which the audience pressed the

The famous remake directed by Gore Verbinski frightened most of the public with the frightening Samara, the “bad one”, which, using television as a means of murder, was perceived by the audience of that time in a much more real way. But another unsettling detail of the film is the appearance that its victims take after death, depicted with a sinister face that is only shown for a couple of seconds. And in this case, a break is required.

  • Portrait of Kate Winslet in the Titanic

One of the most loved and awarded films in the history of cinema, which in 1997, when it was released, literally drove the audience crazy. There are many memorable episodes that can be conveniently watched and rewatched at home, but sitting in a movie theater chair, many viewers of that time must have thought: “I can’t wait to buy a videotape to pause Rose naked.” Admit it.

  • Hand sticking out against the backdrop of The Wizard of Oz

11 famous scenes in which the audience pressed the

In the famous scene in which the protagonists walk behind, everyone will notice that as soon as they turn to the right and then disappear, a mysterious hand appears from behind a tree in the background. Again endless pauses to understand what the hell it is!

  • Tyler Durden flashes in Fight Club

11 famous scenes in which the audience pressed the “pause” button several times

Anyone who has seen the film knows full well that director David Fincher’s cult film features several Tylers who appear for a fraction of a second in various scenes. The phenomena are so imperceptible that it is impossible to clearly see the character without stopping at least once.

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