11 Tips for Sleeping Better During a Heat Wave

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in Spain, Heat wave days have increased 10-fold over the past 50 years. The duration of summer has also been lengthened: people in their 50s spend an average of 78 days in summer, compared with 95 today. 2022 will be the warmest year in my country in nearly half a century, with an anomaly of +2.2°C.

In the context of global warming, Getting a good night’s sleep is really difficult due to the heat. In fact, studies have shown that climate change is robbing us of sleep, with disastrous health consequences. On average, he takes 44 hours off of rest each year.

Tropical nights are nights when the thermometer does not drop below 20 degrees. Temperatures are over 25 degrees at the equator, and over 30 degrees in hellish regions (such as those living in some parts of the US this summer).

By the end of the century, the National Weather Service estimates: Tropical nights will increase by 30% due to climate change and continue into late spring and early fall. This would have huge implications for the health system and the well-being of the people: one study showed that the hotter the nights in Spain, the higher the mortality rate by 16%.

how are you sleep better and cooler When this phenomenon occurs, the heat is overwhelming and your bed is like a sauna? There are several useful tips you can follow.

from sleep foundation The American interpretation is External temperature can interfere with natural thermoregulation during sleep. If the room is too hot (which it can be in the summer), this can increase your body temperature and make it difficult to sleep.

when you sleep, Body temperature drops to minimum level, usually about four hours after starting to sleep. You’re most sensitive to heat during the first two stages of sleep, when you’re most likely to wake up if it’s hot.

The consequences for your health are many: theReduces time spent in deep sleep and the fourth and final stage of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. Cell repair, immune system restoration, and other restorative physiological processes occur during these phases.

Follow these tips to stay calm.

Keep curtains and blinds closed throughout the day

you just need Ventilate during the coolest time of the day.

On unusually hot days, Close the curtains, close the blinds or lower the blinds and don’t open them until just before bedtime. This is the best way to keep the room as cool as possible.

Exercise is okay, but don’t exercise before bed

from sleep foundation also explain why You should get moderate exercise during the day to sleep better, but not right before bed.

By preparing for sleep, Decreased body temperature, slowed heart rate, slowed brain waves. Instead, exercise causes an increase in core body temperature, increased heart rate, and heightened arousal levels. All of these can interfere with your rest if you exercise right before bed.

take a hot bath

This might seem counterproductive, but it’ll actually help you cool down: Remember, your skin is the largest organ in your body, accounting for about 15 percent of your total weight.in her are the receptors responsible for pressure, touch, heat and cold. Claus bodies are activated by cold, while Ruffini bodies, located deep in the dermis, are activated by heat.

Even if the heat makes you want to take a cold shower, don’t do it. This type of shower will give you a sudden sense of freshness, but you’ll flush less blood so you don’t lose heat, and you’ll have more internal heat when you’re done showering. When you shower with warm or hot water, the body activates mechanisms to cool down as quickly as possible, providing long-lasting freshness.

Choose the material of the mattress

The material of your mattress or pillow can also affect your body temperature: According to dormitoryA pocket sprung mattress is a mattress that emits less heat while sleeping because its core consists of individual springs housed in individual pockets.

At the same time, mattresses made of thick foam tend to trap and trap body heat, leaving you feeling overheated. Always choose materials such as latex, vented foam, and wool, as they allow for better body temperature control.

Natural Bedding Against the Heat

Natural fibers like linen or cotton are your best allies for summer nights as they breathe better than fibers made from polyester and other synthetic fibers.

quilt has a Thermoregulation function.

Make sure your room is at the optimum temperature for sleeping

from Royal Plains Experts explained that the best sleep temperature is 18.3 degrees Celsius. Generally speaking, 17 to 21 degrees and your body will be well rested. Getting a good rest is difficult either below or above these numbers.

A cool, dark room can promote melatonin production, a drop in body temperature and better sleep quality.. When light returns in the morning, melatonin drops and your body wakes up.

Sleeping with clothes on is better than sleeping naked

For a good night’s sleep, it’s best to be clothed rather than naked, opting for light, cropped, crisp clothing or pajamas made from natural fibers like cotton. If you sleep naked, the heat stays on your skin, making you feel even more uncomfortable and clammy. Sweating makes it difficult for the body temperature to drop.

When you sleep in your clothes, the sweat that builds up in these breathable fabrics allows the body to self-regulate and cool down. You already know: It’s better with pajamas

The Egyptian Method: The Secret Technique

If it’s hot, try Egyptian law.

this is very simple: remove the sheets and pillowcases from the bed and place them under the cold water of the shower few seconds. You have to drain them as they shouldn’t be dripping but moist and fresh. This way you can sleep in a very cool bed.

A glass of cold water is always off

When it’s hot, sleep is lighter and waking up in the middle of the night is normal. Keep a glass of cold water on the bedside table It can bring you much-needed relief.

Another tip for better sleep is to Wrap an ice pack in a towel and place it on the bed. Put it on the back of your neck or under a sheet.

frozen pillowcase

Another perfect way to cool down on hot nights is to freeze pillowcases or cushion covers throughout the day, then put them back on the bed before bed.

That way, you’ll be able to breathe peacefully and feel blessed with freshness before bedtime.

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